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Looking at the sales prospect of Apple 6 from the perspective of Chinese consumer psychology: not fo

For senior fruit powder, is the waiting time for iPhone 6 in sight? Big screen mobile phone + sapphire glass is the biggest gimmick about Apple 6 this year. There is no doubt that if the iPhone 6 is equipped with sapphire glass, the cost will increase. So it's reasonable to raise the price, so this raises a question. If the price of Apple 6 soars again, will you still choose to buy it?

Based on China's national conditions, Xiaobian dares to predict that Apple 6's market in China will be better in the future than it is now. I remember Li Chengru's classic line in the movie "big shot": we must choose the best golden location and hire French designer hellip; & hellip; You have to study the shopping psychology of the owners. The owners who are willing to pay 2000 dollars to buy a house don't care about paying another two thousand dollars. Do you know what a successful person is? A successful person is a person who buys what is the most expensive and not the best! So for Apple company, which is familiar with the psychology of Chinese people, when apple native gold came out last year, how many people went to buy it just to distinguish it from Apple 5. Therefore, those who can afford apple always hope to be at the forefront of the elite group and enjoy the best things. Therefore, this is why Apple will sell better in China, not for the best, but for the most expensive!

The failure of the iPhone 5C also shows that Apple users are less interested in low-cost products and are more willing to pay high prices for what they think is the best. Hargreaves predicts that the high sales of the large screen iPhone 6, combined with the higher price, will increase the average price of the iPhone from $605 to $641. In China, if it is just launched, the price may be around 6000. Can you afford it? Are you interested in the question of predicting the future sales prospects of Apple 6 from the perspective of Chinese psychology?