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Dong Mingzhu is on the Forbes list of outstanding women!

Forbes China released its 2021 annual list of outstanding women in business on the 22nd. Over the years, various lists released by Forbes have attracted much attention.

According to the list, the average age of the 100 people on the list this year is 50, more than half of them have master's degree or above (including MBA), and one quarter of them have overseas study experience. The total market value of the enterprises they manage is more than 12 trillion yuan. Shanghai and Beijing are the cities with the most people on the list.

Recently, Forbes China released its 2021 list of outstanding women in business on its official website. Among them, Wang Laichun, chairman of Lucent precision, won the first place, and the other four in the top five were haitianwei Chengxue, Longhu group Wu Yajun, Hengli Petrochemical fan Hongwei and Gree Electric Dong Mingzhu.

Compared with 2020, this year's list of women in business has 46 new faces. Among them, medical health is the industry with the largest number of women on the new list, and TMT is second only to medical health.