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The handover of chang'e-5 lunar samples marks the beginning of the research on extraterrestrial obje

According to the latest news of CCTV news, Zhang Kejian, director of the National Space Administration and chief commander of the lunar exploration project, and Hou Jianguo, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducted the handover of lunar samples and certificates at the handover ceremony of chang'e-5 lunar samples, marking that the chang'e-5 mission has shifted from engineering implementation to scientific research!

Local products of the moon will realize the maximum value

Zou Yongliao, director of the lunar and deep space exploration department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that there are many possibilities for the significance of using lunar return samples.

It is of great significance to understand the composition characteristics (rock type, mineral composition, chemical composition, etc.) of the sampling area, the interaction between lunar surface material and solar wind, and the mechanism of lunar soil formation.

According to the actual composition characteristics, if the samples collected are or originated from ancient anorthosite material, it has important scientific value for the study of the early history of the moon.

If the samples are derived from or derived from the basalts of the lunar sea, it is of great value to the study of volcanism and thermal history of the moon.