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Korean perm hair recommendation popular Korean perm hair picture appreciation

Korean perm hair recommendation, 2011 popular Korean perm hair picture appreciation! Korean perm hair how to match clothing, in order to create a street fashion modeling? 2011 popular Korean perm hair let you become the object of attention. Enjoy the most fashionable Korean perm hair pictures together, find the one that suits you.

The hair on the top of the head is layered. From the middle of the hair to the top of the hair, the spiral curl is used to create a dynamic perm. The thick curls at the ends of the hair show calmness, which makes people want to touch.

Keep the straight hair feeling of the hair curl, reflect the sweet characteristics of women, long hair down to the chest, bangs choose the side of the inclined bangs, thin hair tip, let the whole hair show thick outline.

What are Korean perms? Korean Short perm

What are Korean perms? Korean short hair perm hair! The fluffy top makes the shape look plump. The tip of everted hair casts away the inflexibility, creating a dynamic atmosphere. The bangs with eyebrows and the whole perm style are full of youthful and sunny temperament.

A feature of this perm is to show women's sweet camel color. Add a very fine highlights, gradually brown color change choice, make the overall color of hair more coordinated, found also very three-dimensional.

Korean long hair perm 2011 women's perm recommendation

Korean long hair perm, 2011 women's perm recommended! This Korean style perm is simple and natural. The hair slanted aside shows the atmosphere and romance. The soft and intelligent bangs in the middle and the wine red hair color create avant-garde fashion.

The bangs are trimmed from the lip position, from under the shoulder, to the top and bottom. The sexy release of the swaying hair is exciting. The top hair creates a fluffy feeling, and the golden hair color is fashionable and dynamic. Korean perm hair recommendation, Sihai women's beauty salon more about popular hair related articles for you to introduce 2011 popular Korean perm hair picture appreciation, hope to find your own perm hair!