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How to make a date hairstyle easily

How to tie the ball head in Korean style? Are you ready for the weekend's date? A beautiful date hairstyle will give you a surprise! Sihai Xiaobian will give you the way to tie the ball head in Korean style today. There are also illustrations! Use medium and long hair to create an upgraded version of the ball head, which is very similar to huabaotou. Simple DIY hairstyle can be learned at once .

How to make a date hairstyle with the middle and long hair that just arrived at the clavicle? Multi layer curly hair is a good material to make an upgraded version of the ball head.

First look at the finished picture, from straight bangs to oblique bangs, feel more energetic. A bunch of curly hair beside the face adds a sense of softness and beauty. As the main body, it brings a sweet girl temperament. Coupled with the finishing touch of hair band, the opposite sex who you date must be very excited.

DIY steps

Step 1: first, use a 32mm curler to make a bunch of modified hair on both sides, and it's better to roll it up from the middle.

Step 2: divide the hair into upper and lower parts with the ear as the boundary, and the hair quantity is basically equal.

The third step: the upper hair is tied up at the back of the ear. Don't tie it too tightly. After tying, pull up the hair on the top of the head to make a three-dimensional feeling.

Step 4: at this time, you can put on a hair band. This kind of hair is elastic. Hang it on your neck first and then put it on. But don't mess up your hair.

Step 5: twist the lower layer of hair to the left, circle the braid, and then fix it with a hairpin.

Step 6: divide the braid into several bunches, twist them into circles, fix them with hairpins and set them off around the big bun. Finally, the overall shape is adjusted.

From the side and back of the hairstyle picture can let you better understand the position of the bun, this upgrade version of the meatball you learned? About Korean meatball head tie method introduced here today, a good hairstyle will add a bright spot for you! Let's move! Sihai beauty salon will have more wonderful articles waiting for you, oh, do not know how to deal with your hair? Come to Sihai hairdressing!