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How does square face create exquisite hairstyle?

Square face how to create exquisite hairstyle? Square face every time you change hairstyle to a lot of trouble, must choose the right hairstyle design to better decorate the face, in fact, square face girl face exposed face, face shape will appear smaller and more three-dimensional, so in the bangs and temples hairstyle design should be more thoughtful, Xiaobian recommend 4 kinds of square face hairstyle design, let your face more exquisite.

Charming and elegant

Hair binding is the most popular hair style. After autumn, all kinds of hair binding emerge in endlessly. This double binding is especially popular among mature women. Moreover, it uses bangs and side hair to better decorate the cheek and achieve the effect of small face. With long bangs and a few strands of hair deliberately put down, the square face becomes small and soft, and the eyes are moist and bright. It's worth trying for light ladies.

Side: Retro flower hair ornaments, light radian hair, create elegant woman charm.

Back: the back of the hair, with loose double bun binding, more generous and elegant.

Japanese Princess Zhafa

The princess's hair is full of mature elegance. The bangs are divided into several parts. The hair is fresh and concise. The hair is gently held behind the ears, clean and elegant feminine. The hair on the back of the shoulders is added with light air and curly. The mature and elegant women are added with light and dynamic girl feeling, showing the changeable charm of the girl's hair.

Side: do not ear hair, with a small butterfly hair accessories, elegant in a bit cute.

Back: shawl hair irregular wave hair volume, show little woman light smart.

Beautiful mushroom head short hair

Young and beautiful mushroom head modeling, head length control is the focus of modeling, thick texture hair, introverted hair tip, all over the length of the ear, covering half of the cheek, instant small face and soft lines, make delicate palm round face, smart and playful little girl, partial red highlights hair color, bring the effect of age reduction, over five years younger, square face It's worth a try.

Side: the radian formed by hair tip is natural and beautiful

Back: gently curled hair, head shape becomes plump up.

Retro low bun

Retro style low bun, clean and simple, fresh and big feminine, curly bangs hair, nearly to the length of eyebrows, not only set off the eyes bright and moist, but also reduce the age of tender role, rectangular cheeks a lot smaller, clean and simple with a few threads of gentle elegance, dinner, Party care is a good choice.

Side: the radian on the bun is very elegant and beautiful.

Back: the braided bun on both sides is elegant, novel and unique.