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How does Zeng Yike create a short blue hairstyle to show her mature temperament?

Zeng Yike has been showing off her short hair style, and the latest hairstyle is a big breakthrough. How can Zeng Yike create a blue short hair style to show her mature temperament? In the latest photo, Zeng Yike's simple black-and-white clothes, blue multi-level short hair, and introverted pink electric guitar show the meditation of a mature musician compared with the fast girl who didn't talk much two years ago. Xiaobian takes you into Zeng Yike's latest blue short hair!

The short blue hair is quite artistic!

If you have a thoughtful look, it goes well with this ice blue hairstyle!

With guitar and ice blue short hair, it's rock'n'roll!

Blue multi-level short hair, chest introverted pink electric guitar, but also shows a mature musician's meditation.

OK! So many introductions! Ladies and gentlemen, you know how Zeng Yike makes short blue hair. I hope these can bring good news to the female friends who love beauty. Your support is the driving force of our Sihai health network! For more knowledge about popular hairstyles, please pay attention to our beauty channel!