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What are the hair styles suitable for melon face beauty?

Beauty tips: different face shapes are suitable for different hairstyles. Girls with melon face have sharp chin, and basically many hairstyles are very suitable. What hairstyles are suitable for melon face beauties? Among them, short hair Bobo head and pear blossom head can show temperament most, which is suitable for melon seed face. Xiaobian and you pay attention to the hair style of girls with melon face!

Melon seed face sharp chin suitable hairstyle: golden pear flower head

Versatile pear flower head, bright and versatile, shiny golden brown, make hair more eye-catching. To the eyes of the bangs, cover all the forehead, so as to play the role of a small face, and the hair on the side of the face, not only curl, but also make a fluffy effect, so the girl with a sharp chin will become more beautiful and beautiful, with a slight sense of hierarchy, and a more beautiful image.

Fit 100%: 100%

Melon seed face sharp chin suitable hairstyle: fresh Bob head

Bob hairstyle is suitable for girls with sharp chin. Different girls with round face and oval face have different bangs. Qi bangs Bob head used on the head of female students with sharp chin, although convergence length, but not appropriate. Bob's chin is very clean and sharp, and Bob's chin is very beautiful.

Fit 100%: 100%

Melon seed face with sharp chin: long bangs

Bangs have always been the key to modifying the face shape. Long bangs completely cover the forehead, so the area of cheek will be reduced, and the visual small face. Through the clever cooperation between the bangs and the side hair, this long banged girl's hairstyle shows the aura of both eyes and beautiful facial features, golden and brown dyed hair, elegant, sunny and mature feminine flavor.

Appropriate percentage: 85%

Melon seed face sharp chin suitable hairstyle: Qi Banghai ultra short hair

For the girl with sharp chin, this short hair with full bangs almost shows most of her cheek, showing a straight woman's taste, straight bangs, straight and smooth forehead, bringing a lovely feeling. Golden brown short hair with full ears, smart and playful girl taste, and exquisite big eyes girl students, this hairstyle is the most suitable one.

Appropriate percentage: 85%

Melon seed face, sharp chin, suitable for hairstyle: handsome short hair

The girl's hair is full of domineering short hair. The bangs are large and slanting to one side. The cheek is much smaller visually. The radian is just as good as the design of the ear. With the dark color of hair, the mature and elegant woman's taste is slowly distributed.

Suitable percentage: 65%

What hair styles are suitable for melon face beauty? Sihai beauty editor showed you several short hair styles. Is it suitable for melon face beauty?