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What are the latest Japanese curly hair?

2011 the latest Japanese curly hair what? Want to make themselves more lovely MM people pay attention to Oh, here are four beautiful hairstyles you can choose. Let you become cute and playful again, at the same time, you will not lose the mature beauty as a woman! Xiaobian and you to have a look!

Unique Bobo head

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Unique Bobo head

If you want your Bobo head to look different, or want to have more spring flavor, then this is undoubtedly a hair style specially designed for you. Perm your hair to make it look fluffy. The round lines and curls of the hair tail make you look particularly lovely and charming. It's a great match for thin silk clothes.

Gentle long curly hair

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No.2 soft long curly hair

If you want to make the long curly hair which is easy to appear bulky and more spring like, then you must increase the fluffy and smart hair. First of all, part of the hair will be ironed, permed out of the hair curls appear a bit cold chaos is a key. Still have to dye the hair bright brown, make it have stereo sense, add a bit of golden yellow to highlight the luster of the hair.

Short hair boom

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No.3 short hair boom

This is the most popular short hair this season. Round lines and curly hair tail demonstrate the sweet feeling of the whole summer. In addition, the dyed hair highlights the skin color, making the whole face brimming with happiness.

Soft wave curly hair

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No.4 soft wave curly hair

The soft waveform gives people a unique feminine sense of softness. Choose brown to dye the hair to highlight the luster and softness of the hair.

What are the latest Japanese curly hair in 2011? Sihai beauty editor explained so much to you, did you learn it?