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How to create short hair style for girls?

A beautiful fluffy short hair, can highlight your delicate and lovely charm. This summer is to cool and comfortable light and short hair, in order to completely get rid of the sticky hair in the neck, but also to show the beautiful curve of the neck, so which is the most in short hair style this summer? How to create a girl's fluffy short hair? Follow the small knitting to have a look.

No.1 lovely watermelon head

Full of lovely flavor of small balls watermelon head shape, slightly curled in the end of the hair arc with a girl's lovely and playful feeling, the forehead slightly inward curly Qi bangs make the round face somewhat elongated. Add a light brown effect, more effective to get rid of childish feeling, a little more fashion sense.

Short hair No

And the length of the ear fully shows the curve of women's beautiful neck. The hair ribbon is slightly curled and curled, which gives out charming female charm. Dark brown hair dye not only brightens the skin color, but also shows the extraordinary vitality of young women in pursuit of career.

No.3 retro hair

In this modern new era, women tend to be more independent. This kind of boy's generous short hair can set off your slightly stubborn and strong side.

No.4 intellectual short hair

This is a very suitable for OL women's short hair modeling, shoulder length, slightly fluffy, slightly inward to the face, clever and solemn, but also with elegant intellectual charm, coffee brown hair dye to break the overall sultry feeling of the hair.

No.5 playful curly short hair

In this year's spring and summer Japanese style popular hairstyle mainstream, not short to the eyebrow above the bangs modeling. Neat curly short hair modeling, clear and moderate texture, with slightly raised eyebrows, showing a fresh and cute appearance.

No.6 smart short hair

It has long shoulder length hair and is light and smart. The overall hair ribbon has a slight sense of fuzziness and disorder, highlighting the gentle and clever atmosphere. Light and not heavy eyebrow bangs, slightly oblique points, depicting a delicate small face.

After watching these six short hair styles, how to create short hair style for girls? Have you learned? Sihai beauty has more wonderful popular hair styles to teach you, please continue to pay attention to Oh!