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8 kinds of curly hair in spring

Beauty tip: it's exotic, fluffy, and looks like a foreigner! If you want to become your own style, it sounds good to be a hybrid. Spring day 8 curly hair show different exotic customs!

This year's popular olive color system has accelerated the suppression of red and yellow, which are unique to Oriental hair. Purple looks like this year's flavor.

Hairline with black wig, hairline wig, the actual do not dye hair can easily enjoy a different mood. The three-dimensional feeling created looks like a lady's temperament!

The inner side of the hair tip inadvertently reveals that the hair border is easier to bleach, and the feeling is very natural. When curly hair, the bright color at the tip is also very dynamic.

Smoky make-up like individual highlights, based on bright beige, with thin curly hair bundles and high gloss effect. Bold choice of uneven hair dye, create fashion talent!

Air feeling fluffy curl, inside and outside of the random spring curl hair. Just like the air feeling of foreigner hair quality, fluffy hair style, the three-dimensional feeling of Q head is the biggest secret!

Challenge the air of mixed blood wind, fluffy modeling, and the rich curly hair on the top of the head is super sweet. Curly lines from the top of the head are also popular with boys. The shaggy curls of the bangs make the face look smaller.

Bobo style is mixed blood and curly hair, which is very close to the hairstyle of Brigitte Bardot. The top of the head should be carefully combed.

The natural sense of disorder does not need to create a casual atmosphere of fashion, fashion talent. Loose and dynamic soft hair of foreigners.