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How to do short hair to make you fashionable and generous?

In the summer of 2011, with the new fashion of short hair, the light cool breeze and the hot and hot temperature, many girls have cut short hair for summer. Take care of simple short hair, spend your mind on design and care, still changeable trend, handsome temperament, generous fashion. So how to take care of short hair so that you are fashionable and generous? Small make up for you to see a few fashion short hair, let us refer to Oh!

Cool and handsome girls with short hair and shiny golden hair create a fluffy feeling in the way of punk, and the style is greatly increased. It is fashionable and cool and handsome in British style.

Gorgeous orange red blonde hair, long bangs cover part of the face, cheek becomes small, Bob style design, powerful visual effect in popular classics, fashion eye-catching.

The method is very simple ol short hair, soft hair, ear carefully machine radian, elegant and neat, long bangs and side hair can be very good convergence cheek, play small face effect.

The middle and short hair is pulled back and the hair is pulled in the middle. It is refreshing and convenient to show clean cheeks. It is elegant and sweet with a white hair band, which is more attractive to women.

Don't think that short hair can only be refreshing. In fact, it is reasonable in design and can be very feminine. Natural black hair can be easily smoothed and even more feminine. It gives out a little sexy Tanabata.