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Pure curly hair teaches you to trim a beautiful face

Beauty tips: pure and beautiful hairstyles are various. Different hairstyles are suitable for mm with different face types. In addition to enlarging eyes with make-up skills, changing hair styles can be said to be the fastest and most effective way for girls with small eyes. What kind of hair style is suitable for girls with small eyes!

Hairstyle 1: long curly hair

This hairstyle is the most popular flax color in Japan. It is golden and golden. It has the publicity personality of a blonde and the softness of Oriental people. The eyebrow like bangs add a bit of loveliness and liveliness to the overall shape. The hairtail is slightly exaggerated, and the messy curl design is more wonderful. The hair goes down the cheek, which not only plays a role in trimming the face, but also reveals the tenderness of the model itself.

Hairstyle 2: curly hair

The model's face is a little fleshy baby face, and if you don't mind, this hairstyle is the perfect choice to be tender. Over the eyebrow of the broken bangs design, a little curly, so that the eyebrows appear indistinct, added a bit of mystery. Bohemian curly hair with French style adds a bit of childishness on the basis of mystery.

The natural straight hair close to the side of the face can block the cheekbones and play the role of thin face and small face on the line of sight.

I always think that no hairstyle can be as feminine as the mid point hairstyle, and this year's hair style is also the general trend. As a whole, it still adopts the pear blossom hair style which was very hot last year. However, due to the different female charm of Zhongfen hairstyle, summer is coming. Let's show your forehead boldly.

Hairstyle 5: charming waves

The three or seven point slanted bangs and the fuzzy treatment of hairline add a little sense of randomness. The overall Brown chestnut treatment, full of luster and big wave curl, are of course necessary weapons for women's taste. The most important thing is that there are layers of pruning, and the overall shape is relatively light.