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Teach you how to design fashionable long hair and change details to cater for summer

Beauty tip: whether it's cut, curly hair, or color & hellip; & hellip; all the details of hairstyle design will determine the quality of a hairstyle. Although the smooth and straight hair of MM people is very good-looking, it may not give people enough summer feel in some aspects. The so-called details determine success or failure. Today, I'd like to show you how to start with several details to make long hair more in line with the theme of summer.

Before's long hair pear flower head is very soft, but too regular hair style will give people a bit dull and boring in summer, without the fun and fun feeling of summer. After's hairstyle has undergone two details of tailoring and hair color changes.

After cutting the long hair with regular radian into broken hair, the hair style is more fluffy and fashionable, and the color of the hair dyed with highlights makes the straight hair look much richer, and it will not be monotonous.

Originally, the straight split hairstyle has no characteristics at all, so we still plan to change this long hair from the two details of the tailoring and hair color. Does the effect of after look more beautiful and fashionable?

The hair near the face is full of air, with a light jumping feeling, and the gradual hair dyeing effect is also very good-looking.

As for sometimes we want to change a different style, we can add curly hair design. Originally, the soft long hair becomes the air feeling full long curly hair, fluffy and natural.

Curly hair design can also play a small face effect, and can meet the lively and lovely theme of summer, and can instantly thin face, kill two birds with one stone.