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Change hair style to show mature charm

Do you want to say goodbye to the young students, graduate, grow up, and want to change your hair style to show your mature side? The small editor of women's network of all over the world tells you that long curls are not necessarily the only way to show the taste of mature women, but in fact, even short hair modeling is not all lovely and lively.

No.1 heavy banged Bob head

The thick and heavy hair style leads the charm of Bob head 100%. This cute and mature design is very suitable for the sweet and lovely ol people. The fluffy bangs just above the eyes emphasized the lovely eyes of mm, which impressed the people who saw them more deeply!

No.1 mushroom head

It emphasizes that the design of facial lines looks very smooth, with the feeling of lady's breath. The basic mushroom head makes the facial lines better decorated, and the thick bangs also bring lovely breath.

No.2 short curls

It's a short hair style that well decorates the neck and facial lines, and has the effect of a small face. Comfortable sense of hierarchy short hair makes people feel light and heavy, very with the taste of mature women.