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Post-90s girls love fresh hair. How to tie Lori's hair

Post-90s girls love fresh hair. How to tie Lori's hair? What hairstyle do post-90s girls like? Laurie's hairstyle first! Do you like fresh hair or becoming a Lori cute girl? Let's see which hairstyle suits you!

The side bun tied with smart small hair accessories is very playful and lovely. It is more lovely with neat Qi bangs. The cute index of small dresses with wave point is very high!

This is a side tied ponytail. The side ponytail tied with pink flowers is very clever and lady. The random Qi bangs skillfully reduce the age. The top is equipped with a post-90s favorite candy red hair band, which is cute and cute.

The post-90s girls like it very much. Today's popular egg roll head is tied into a double horsetail, which is very foreign. The oblique bangs on the forehead can effectively modify the face shape, and then match it with a white wool hat, which is warm and lovely!

The double ponytail hairstyle is one of the favorite hairstyles of post-90s girls. The cute Lori tastes full. Medium high side tie double horsetail, with irregular thick bangs, very personalized!

What hairstyle do post-90s mm like in recent spring? Xiaobian recommended several cute hair binding products loved by post-90s loli girls. I hope you will like them!