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What kind of hair do you want to wear in winter

What kind of hair do you want to wear in winter? Hat and beautiful hair! What are the hairstyles of wearing hats in winter? Hat combined with hairstyle, how to design hat hairstyle? Hat is a must-have item in winter. It's warm and fashionable to mix hat with hair. The latest clever matching method between hat and hair style. Come and have a try!

White knitted wool hat is the first choice in winter. What hairstyle is best for you to wear this hat with? Light yellow hair color and curly hair with large curl are recommended. Qi bangs match the face shape very well. Very Han fan!

Qi bangs pear flower head can be changed into a middle split pear flower head hairstyle, which not only modifies the face shape but also increases the temperament. It's very versatile. Isn't it cute to wear such a lady's top hat? Hat combined with hairstyle how to design hat hairstyle

The pear flower head hairstyle with medium and long hair and bangs is lovely and age reducing. The curled hair tip is dynamic and temperament. It is very suitable for college students. Match it with a lovely straw hat, not to mention how playful!

Pear flower head combined with egg roll head creates such a good-looking hairstyle. Qi bangs are matched with irregular curls, and the more playful chestnut colored hair adds a good visual effect to the hairstyle. It is also matched with black wool hat.

What hairstyle looks good with a hat? Have you learned the recommended hat hairstyles? If you want to wear a hat in winter, don't worry about your hairstyle. These are one of the best choices!