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How to make home-made whitening mask in winter? What ingredients can DIY mask?

How can you make home-made whitening and replenishing mask in winter? What ingredients can make DIY mask? Winter is your own home DIY mask, whitening and replenishing water is not better? How to make whitening and replenishing mask?

Flour Whitening Mask

Flour mask can make the skin clean and white, and also helps to shrink pores. It can dispel spots and firm skin.

Ingredients: 3 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp milk


Mix the flour with the milk to make it mix well. Smear the mask solution evenly on the face with a small brush. About 15 minutes, let it dry and wash.

Tofu Whitening Mask

When cooking, set aside a small piece of tofu for making facial mask. Tofu has a high degree of moisture and whitening effect, often used, the skin will become a lot of white and tender.


Put the bean curd in the palm of your hand, gently rub the bean curd, then apply the bean curd mud on your face, and massage gently. Wash after about 10 minutes.

Honey whitening effect honey how to make whitening moisturizing mask

Honey Angelica mask


Take 10 g of Angelica dahurica and 10 g of Aconitum carmichaeli, grind the fine powder together, add water and honey, apply it to the face, and wash it after 20 minutes. It has the functions of removing wrinkles, removing spots and whitening. It is suitable for patients with facial pigmentation or yellowish brown spots.

Honey oatmeal Whitening Mask

Ingredients: 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp egg white, 2 tbsp cereal

Method: mix honey, egg white and oatmeal evenly; smear the face mask evenly with a small brush; rinse with water after 20 minutes.

This mask can improve the dark skin phenomenon, reduce melanin, and honey and egg white can also effectively nourish the skin.

Which fruit can make the whitening and replenishing mask? How to make the natural whitening mask?

Watermelon Whitening Mask

The juice of the watermelon peel has the effect of clearing away fire and toxin, and can whiten and repair the skin. Often use watermelon peel juice on face, can whiten and moisturize skin, increase skin elasticity and luster.

Materials: 2 pieces of watermelon skin, clean gauze or absorbent cotton


Scrape off the watermelon peel juice with a spoon and pour it into a small bowl. Use clean gauze or absorbent cotton to dip watermelon juice and apply it on your face. Wash it in 20 minutes.

Papaya Milk Mask

Papaya can effectively soften the skin, make the skin soft and bright, and can whiten the skin with milk.

Ingredients: 1 / 3 papaya, 3 tbsp milk


Cut the papaya into pieces and put it into the juicer. Add the milk and beat it into mud. Use absorbent cotton to dip papaya juice on your face. After about 20 minutes to wash clean.

Cucumber Whitening Mask


Crush the cucumber with a blender and put the cucumber juice into a bowl. Use gauze or absorbent cotton to dip cucumber juice and massage gently on your face. Wash in about ten minutes.

Red wine homemade moisturizing mask good red wine replenishment mask production method

Red wine Moisturizing Mask

Red wine pearl powder essential oil mask has very good whitening and water replenishing functions.

Materials: red wine: 80~50 ml; honey: at least 2 tablespoons; pearl powder: a little; paper mask: 1; lavender essential oil: 2~3 drops (you can choose different plant essential oils according to the skin condition); heat-resistant glass: 1


First, pour the red wine into a sterilized glass, and then soak it in boiling water for about 20 minutes, so that the alcohol in the red wine will evaporate, so as to avoid skin irritation. Heat the red wine for about 20 minutes, then cool it down. Then pour it into the bowl with the honey, pearl powder and lavender essential oil. Stir well and mix thoroughly. Soak in the compressed mask. After cleansing, put the red wine mask on the face carefully. After about 20 minutes, after the mask is dried to eight minutes, remove the red wine mask from top to bottom, clean the skin again with clean water and carry out the skin. Daily moisturizing care, can.

How do you make home-made whitening and replenishing mask in winter? What ingredients can you make DIY mask? Four love women's beauty and skin care channel, and more mask making methods and mask DIY, like to learn!