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How to choose mask to avoid harmful ingredients?

How to choose facial mask to avoid harmful ingredients? The harm of using wrong mask? In autumn and winter, the weather is cold and dry, and the mask begins to prevail. But some mask contains skin damaging ingredients or wrong use may mask the skin to destroy your skin arch criminal. Learn to choose mask to avoid damaging skin ingredients, master the correct use of mask method to reduce the harm of mask.

At present, there are many low cost, quick and effective mask. Professional beauticians pointed out that such mask often accompanied by salicylic acid, alcohol, fruit acid and lead and mercury ingredients exceed the standard of hidden danger. So we have to choose the mask that is suitable for our skin, see clearly the ingredients and buy rationally, and do not let beauty ruin your face.

1, salicylic acid is commonly used in removing dead skin, inhibiting acne, regulating the balance of water and oil in the mask, but its content can not exceed 0.4%, otherwise it will burn the skin.

2. The alcohol content in the mask should not be overlooked. The volatility of alcohol will take away the moisture of the skin. High decomposition ability in the decomposition of facial oil, but also destroyed the skin's own water lipid membrane, leading to keratin fibrosis, skin aging and fragile.

3, some of the mask containing fruit acid, has the skin effect, is actually using acid to corrode the skin to make it thinner, so as to whitening and exfoliating effect. Although the effect is obvious when using, you will soon find that the skin becomes thin and sensitive. You can see the capillaries under the skin when you look closely. Fruit acid has high photosensitivity, coated with fruit acid, the skin is particularly easy to tan in the sun, and the symptoms such as color spots become more and more serious.

4, exceed the standard of lead and mercury is also a safety problem that can not be ignored. Lead and mercury compounds are often used in whitening and freckle facial mask by unscrupulous manufacturers. Long term use of the skin may temporarily whiten, but serious fibrosis of the skin, sensitive peeling, fear of light and other problems followed. What's more, it will cause great damage to all organs and nervous system. It can even lead to blindness.

How to choose mask to avoid harmful ingredients? Sihai net women's beauty and skin care channel teaches you how to avoid the harm of using wrong mask, and enjoy the mask easily.