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What are the mistakes in applying sleeping mask? How to properly apply the mask?

What are the mistakes in applying sleeping mask? How to properly apply the mask? If you still have the idea of applying a sleeping mask to save trouble, then apply the idea of making a mess of it, and quickly correct it. Xiaobian, by the way, will teach you how to correct these mistakes and apply the mask correctly.

Myth 1: no skin care is necessary before applying the sleeping mask.

Wrong way: all need to apply sleep mask, other sleep skin care and maintenance and so on can be ignored.

Reason: sleep mask is mainly closed effect, in order to allow the skin to absorb more nutrients in a short time, it is necessary to first maintain the foundation after the application of sleep mask, but also to promote the absorption of other skin care products.

The right way: every night after complete cleaning, put the lotion on the face and massage gently until it is completely absorbed.

Tips: after taking a bath in the evening, the pores are completely open, which is the best time for skin care. We should seize this opportunity to complete the basic maintenance.

Myth 2: sleep mask must be applied before going to bed at night.

Wrong way: it seems that only a long period of sleep at night is enough to apply the mask, which can only be applied until evening.

Reason: the sleeping mask formulation is colloidal macromolecule as the mainstream. The purpose is to effectively lock the small molecule maintenance ingredients that are previously applied to the skin. But designed as a sleeping mask, it really caters to the needs of people who are usually very busy at the time. If you have time, you can also apply it to non sleep time.

The right way: if you feel uncomfortable sleeping with a mask at night, consider using a noon nap or a basic skin care program at night.

Little tips: although it is not necessary to use sleeping mask when sleeping, it should not be washed just now. At least let it stay on the face for half an hour.

Myth 3: sleep mask must stay overnight.

Wrong way: since it is a sleeping mask, it is natural to wear overnight, for the efficacy of mask, even if the skin feels sticky.

Reason: sleep mask is only the title of this type of mask, and it does not mean that it must be used when sleeping. As long as the skin absorbs the nutrition of the mask, it will be ready.

The right way: if you feel sticky and greasy when using your sleeping mask, you don't have to take a mask to stay overnight after getting up. The mask is applied for half an hour. After the skin is absorbed completely, it can be washed away.

Small tips: sleep mask should also be separated from the skin and can be selected according to the product instructions or experience.

Myth 4: the thicker the sleeping mask is, the better it can be absorbed overnight.

Wrong way: anyway, the sleep mask will evaporate and dry, indicating that there are not many ingredients to absorb.

The reason: sleep mask also clog pores. If too much is applied, pores will be blocked up, and wrinkles and acne … … all kinds of skin problems will appear again.

Correct method: don't be greedy, according to the size of your face, apply enough to cover the face.

Little tips: after completing the basic skin care, the skin has been given adequate nutrition. The protective function of the sleeping mask is greater than that of supplying nutrition.

Myth 5: Sleeping Mask will soiled the quilt, so wash it before going to bed.

The wrong way: after applying the mask, do you dirty the quilt when you sleep? No, it's better to do it for the broken jade or to wash it before going to bed.

Reason: though it is a sleeping mask, it does not mean that it must be used just before bedtime.

The right way: according to the instructions on the sleeping mask, apply it to 20 minutes before going to bed, and then go to sleep after completely dry.

Little tips: whether or not there is a sleeping mask, the pillow is filled with a lot of germs after being damaged by dust, saliva and other secretions.