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What is the function of Bubble Mask Bubble Mask? What is the function of Bubble Mask?

What is a bubble mask? What is the function of Bubble Mask? What is the bubble of mask? Have you ever heard of Bubble Mask? Bubble mask is how to blister, how to skin care? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Today, let's take a look at this new facial mask - Bubble Mask.

What is the bubble of mask?

1. Enzymes, that is, enzymes, are added to the products, which is common in some Japanese products. The enzyme sealed in the bag contacts the air and reacts with it to produce bubbles. This kind of product needs no filling and special sprinkler, and is easy to carry. At the same time, some enzymes can also exfoliate, which can increase the cleansing effect of the mask.

2, the neutralization reaction of fatty acids and bases, which is similar to the principle of soap bubbles, plus a special mousse bottle, produces a dense bubble. This product is essentially different from the commonly used foam cleansing milk in our home. No wonder Estee Lauder's BA will tell consumers in a fair and honest way that they can use their home red pomegranate cleansing cream to make bubbles for a few minutes on the face and then wash them off. This is the use of bubble mask.

3. Add volatile substances that are easily soluble in water to the product. When they are released into the air, they will volatilize rapidly, the liquid will become gaseous, and the volume will naturally expand, so there will be bubbles emerging continuously. At present, most of the common products in the market adopt this kind of process.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bubble Mask?

The advantages of the bubble mask are strong cleanliness, dense bubbles can penetrate the pores to remove grease and dirt, and some ingredients in the mask can also decompose the aged keratin, making the skin smooth and delicate. When it comes to this, it is hard to think of mud paste mask. Yes, they are all good at cleaning. However, unlike the paste mask, the use and cleaning of the bubble mask is very convenient, and it has high water content, avoiding the danger of wrinkling caused by too dry, and is more popular with young women.

That being the case, why is the market share of Bubble Mask always lower than mud paste mask? This is because it still has many 'hard wounds'. First of all, due to the limitation of foaming ingredients, the bubble mask is mostly weak alkaline and irritating to the skin, so the use time should not be too long, more than 3-5 minutes. Secondly, the use time is short, and the effects of some skin care ingredients, such as whitening and moisturizing, improving circulation, are difficult to play, so don't expect it to have other 'added value' in addition to cleaning. Finally, due to the particularity of the process, the bubble mask is mostly filled in the sealed bottle. The volume is too big to say, but also avoid high temperature to avoid collision. It is quite inconvenient. No wonder it discourages many people.

After understanding what bubble mask is, are you still curious about him? You may try it yourself. What is the effect?