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How to apply the mask in winter? How to use the mask?

How to apply the mask in winter? Mask usage steps and key points! The key to skin care in winter is moisturizing. The application of mask is an effective and convenient moisturizing method. How to apply the mask in winter and how to make moisturizing mask and whitening mask play the best effect in winter. Let's take a look at the practical steps and key points of the mask.

Don't heat the whitening mask.

Vitamin C, amino acids, and this year's whitening mask of the heat ingredients such as melamine acid are all unstable ingredients, not suitable for heating. The mask components of cleaning, compactness and cell activation are relatively stable. After heating, they are beneficial to promote absorption.

Proper heating mask

In winter, I love to heat the mask, and then apply it without ice cold feeling. Absorption will also be faster. 45 ℃ bubble heating is the safest. " Wan Rong said that too high temperature and too long heating time will destroy the ingredients of the mask. It is most suitable to soak in warm water at 45 ℃ for 5 minutes, 'it is slightly higher than the normal body temperature of 36.8 ℃ and is a relatively safe temperature for unstable components. After 5 minutes, the temperature of the mask will be almost the same as that of the human body. It will be very comfortable to use.

Exfoliation should be appropriate

It is necessary to keep skin clean before making facial mask, but not every time. The cuticle of the skin is the natural barrier of the skin, which can prevent the loss of water and neutralize the pH. the metabolic cycle of the cuticle is 28 days. Therefore, exfoliation can be done once a month at most. Too frequent exfoliation will damage the cuticle.

Control the time

Because mask is usually used for a period of treatment, frequent use, the skin will not digest, the effect is worse, and even bring about skin problems. There is also, because the dry climate in winter, the skin is easy to lose moisture, usually mask for fifteen minutes or so, otherwise the skin will evaporate, but let alone what moisturizing effect.

Apply the cream after finishing the mask.

In fact, no matter what season, after finishing the mask, you should apply the cream immediately to lock the moisture and nutrition essence from the mask.

Because the skin is the best moisturizing condition after the mask is applied, but this does not mean that our skin care procedure be accomplished. We must know that after the mask is applied, the moisture and essence are not absorbed and digested completely by the skin. Once the skin is exposed to the air directly, they will be evaporated quickly, especially in the dry season. So after finishing the mask, you should immediately apply the cream and lock the moisture and essence that the face just absorbed from the mask, so that the moisturizing effect will be longer and more obvious.

Bubble bath and apply mask.

While bathing on the side of the mask is a very time-saving smart way, but depending on your choice of mask. Recommended use of wet compress mask, tear type and jelly mask are not recommended. Because water vapor will lead to mask is not easy to close with the skin, if it is a dry mask, steam will affect the effect of the mask.

These are the key points for attention. Do you remember? Winter mask application, the effect will be good, the role will be great!