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3 ways to teach you how to choose face cream suitable for winter use.

3 ways to teach you how to choose face cream suitable for winter! In winter, there is always a set of skin care experience to resist the cold winter, how to maintain the skin well? Recommend 3 ways to choose face cream, choose winter cream for your skin.

In the dry winter, what kind of skin care products are the most suitable? In this trial, people share their standards. After the trial of the blue dressing solution, the master's request for winter cream was also roughly baked. The texture is thick, high moisture and versatile. These are the common points of these MM. For the women who sit in the air-conditioned room every day, you can refer to it.

Different steps have different effects

Try the talent: Xiaoqi mixed skin

I think that as a trial product, I think it may not be enough to use the face cream as winter, so I used several methods to see what awesome effect is best. One trial is the same as the use of the lotion in summer, and it is used separately as a moisturizing cream and a follow-up cream. After trial, I feel that the moisturizing effect of the latter method is better. If the same product is used in another step, it may achieve unexpected results.

The texture is suitable for changing seasons

Apple mixed skin

Recently, the weather in Hangzhou is really a test. It's hot and cold, and it's also a big challenge to the skin's adaptability. Because the suck of this trial product is frosted, I am afraid that when the weather is too cold, I can not use it, so I will use it as soon as I get it.

The thickness of the frosted is between the emulsion and the cream. I used the cream to make an experiment on the back of my hand, and gently smeared it with the right amount. The ductility was very good and the absorption was very fast. My facial skin is mixed, my cheeks are dry, and my T area is oily. However, when I apply the cream on my face, it is a little oily, but it is still acceptable. I feel it's right to use it in the season change of frosting. If it's very cold in winter, the texture may not be thick enough.

Collocation spray for hot air conditioning

Try talent: once dry skin

Because my skin is dry, especially in winter. Therefore, I am very concerned about moisturizing function in winter. In this trial, I choose to use it sooner or later. Before going to bed at night, apply a thick layer of cream on your face. When you wake up in the morning, the skin on your face is still soft to the touch. I feel that the moisturizing effect is good.

However, the most important moisturizing is during the day. Especially in winter, the unit turned on the hot air conditioning, the office is very dry. After a week's use, I felt there was no problem in a few hours in the morning, but in the evening, it was better to spray with or spray it again, so that the moisturizing effect would be more ideal and the moisture retention time would be more durable.

3 ways to teach you how to choose face cream suitable for winter! Sihai women's channel introduces you how to choose the cream that is suitable for winter. It's most important to find the right way to skin care.