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Can you use sunscreen when you are pregnant

Pregnant can use sunscreen? Easy to use sunscreen recommended! Many pregnant women do not know if pregnant can use sunscreen, Sihai Xiaobian with you to solve this problem!

Some pregnant women say they are pregnant with spots on their faces, do not know if pregnant women can use sunscreen? If you can use what brand, it has no effect on the fetus.

Some netizens think: because pregnant women are particularly sensitive to light, using sunscreen can avoid spots. Can choose physical sunscreen, it does not contain UV absorbers, just a barrier effect, will not cause irritation to the skin, the general Japanese products physical sunscreen in the majority, buy can ask Miss! But with physical sunscreen night must use makeup removal products to wash.

Pregnant women's skin also needs to be protected, because the hormones of pregnant women will change a lot, the melanin on the face will be more active, if you do not apply sunscreen, it is easy to form spots! Pregnant women to use sunscreen must also use some safe products, that is, choose some large brand of qualified products or mild products, which are specially developed for pregnant women, try their best Do not use whitening products (although qualified products will not have any impact on baby in the stomach, but as a mother, we must reduce the possibility to the minimum, we should not miss the child's life because of one of our own mistakes!)! Try to moisturize the protection class, not multi-functional.

Experts said: sunscreen mainly plays a role of isolation. According to the different SPF, it will contain some lead. After pregnancy, it is not encouraged to use a lot of sunscreen, but it does not mean that a little sunscreen can not be used. It's best to choose sunshade, straw hat and long sleeve clothes. Pregnant women should try to reduce the amount and frequency of sunscreen.