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How to protect yourself from sunscreen during long vacation?

How to protect yourself from the sun during the long vacation? This is a problem that many friends are considering. With the coming of the National Day holiday, are you ready to pack your bags for a trip? In autumn, the sun changes from strong to weak, the weather changes from cold to hot, and your skin is prone to a lot of problems. If you want to deal with these unexpected hackers, you need to learn two repair techniques. You will make a big difference in a week.

No need to whiten skin without tanning?

No! If you forget to do deep whitening care after long-term sun exposure, the melanin given by ultraviolet ray will come out unexpectedly. It's unnecessary to use a full set of whitening products. One tip: using moisturizing toner instead of whitening toner can promote skin metabolism. To remind you, at least 100 times on the face, then massage the plant whitening essence for a few minutes, two times a day, don't forget!

Explore the chocolate hydration method

A chocolate bar, will you put it in your stomach or face? The answer of MM in Japan is: of course it is face! "To regain the perfect beauty and face, and stick to what is better than dry Baba, it is nothing to be surprised. After the vacation, the skin is too thirsty. The chocolate mask is painted with FACE, so that cocoa seed oil in chocolate softens skin and moisturize and replenish water, and the whole process is like wrapping up. The more fragrant and sweet the taste is, the more attractive the skin is.

Even if skin problems come one after another, fine-tuning skincare methods cleverly, skin will be reborn!

Skin desquamate again! Dispel horniness directly?

The skin that took off skin is simply unbearable, and clean up immediately with frosting cream is more wrong than wrong. If you don't want to make your skin 'inflamed and inflamed', just be gentle with it. Let the mild moisturizer soften the cuticle. Apply the perfume free moisturizer three times a day to soften the dead skin, which can reduce the roughness and the epidermal 'scale'. When skin is not scaly, then rub it with sand, then apply skin deep moisturizing facial mask to the skin. That's what is the way to repair.

The secret of volcanic mud whitening

It seems that people's dirty volcanic mud can whiten their skin? New Zealanders can think too much about it! It's said that volcanic mud in New Zealand's volcanic zone is rich in a variety of trace elements, which can quickly drive away the dark skin. No wonder local mm can't get dark!

Deal with holiday sunburn, any products are OK?

The spots on the photo can be removed by PS, but it's not so easy to remove sunburn. Not all freckle removing products can deal with sunburn. Skin care products containing antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C and astaxanthin are the right way. Another tip for removing freckles: repeatedly rinse the face with cold water can improve the absorption of facial cleanser, but knead the face gently, otherwise the melanocytes will be 'stimulated'.

It doesn't matter if the skin is red and black?

No way! The biggest 'contribution' of swimsuits to skin is to create uneven skin tone. Maybe you don't care, but these 'kiss marks' will eventually become' Black '. It's still too late to find the right way to massage and recuperate your skin! After each cleansing, apply the lotion to the whole face, lift it from the bottom to the top, and massage it while drawing a circle. Especially for the parts that are most prone to sunburn, massage for 5 minutes is enough