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How to choose and use sunscreen correctly to prevent skin injury?

The scorching sun in summer is like fire, and strong ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin. At present, many people are equipped with different SPF value of sunscreen, how to choose the right sunscreen to keep the skin from injury? Xiaobian shares the use of sunscreen with you!

Besides the quality of the product, whether the sunscreen can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and protect the skin from damage is another important premise for its function. Correct use of sunscreen can resist ultraviolet rays, so we should pay attention to six items when using sunscreen.

1. The higher the SPF value, the longer the sunscreen time.

In general, the skin of yellow people can resist strong light for 15 minutes without being burned, so the use of SPF15 anti ultraviolet products can withstand strong ultraviolet radiation for about 225 minutes. Spf5-8 sunscreen can be used for daily care, shopping and shopping, and spf10-15 sunscreen can be used when going out for recreation. Use spf20-30 waterproof sunscreen when swimming or sunbathing. When the exposure time exceeds the effective sunscreen time, it should be applied in time.

2. SPF value cannot be accumulated.

Apply two layers of SPF10 sunscreen, only one layer of SPF10 protection.

3. Don't apply sunscreen just before going out.

Sunscreen, like other skin care products, takes a certain amount of time to be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, it should be applied 10-20 minutes before going out.

4. Sunscreen doesn't work just by applying it, but by a certain amount.

In general, the amount of sunscreen applied on the skin is 2 mg per square centimeter to achieve the proper sun protection effect.

5. People with different skin types should choose different sunscreen products.

Oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong penetration; dry skin should choose cream like sunscreen; neutral skin generally has no strict regulations.

6. Sunscreen should not be used before makeup, but should be applied after using skin care products.

How to choose and use sunscreen correctly to prevent skin injury? Sihai beauty editor introduced many sunscreen use methods and taboos for you. You can learn about it!