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What kind of sunscreen is good?

We all know more or less the harm that ultraviolet ray brings to the skin, but people who don't need sunscreen are still everywhere. People who hate to use sunscreen complain about greasy and uncomfortable sunscreen. Therefore, it is better to find a fresh and easy-to-use product with personal experience instead of taking the trouble to publicize and teach. Now there are many kinds of sunscreen on the market. Which sunscreen is better? Xiaobian will take you into the world of sunscreen to see which one is better?

Before this midsummer is coming, Xiaobian gives full play to the fearless spirit of mice. Through rigorous test and trial, 18 kinds of fresh and low burden sunscreen milk are selected from dozens of sunscreen on the market. Sun protection experts are invited to give advice to solve the sunscreen problems most frequently asked by readers.

Evaluation items

Texture test: squeeze the same amount of sunscreen milk on the small blackboard, then stand up the board, observe the difference of texture and fluidity, the faster the fluidity, the more moisture.

Oil content test: using the oil absorption characteristics of the oil absorbing paper, drop the same dose of sunscreen on the oil absorbing paper, and look at the oil leakage after 10 minutes. The more the oil is, the higher the oil content of the product is.

Viscosity test: apply the sunscreen on the back of the hand, scatter the feather and shake the hand after 1 minute. Observe the adhesion degree of the feather. The more the feather adheres, the higher the viscosity.

Product selling point: through the highly dispersive jialibao anti ultraviolet powder, it can be more uniform in the skin gap, and the moisturizing ingredients can directly deliver the rich moisture to the skin.

Trial experience: the texture of this sunscreen is very moist. You can feel the rippling texture on the skin surface with a light touch. No matter how much skin is smeared, you will not feel the greasy burden. It is very suitable for oily skin in summer. Considering the light texture and spf24's common sunscreen index, it is recommended to apply it from time to time according to the situation. In addition, it is not recommended to apply it to outdoor activities such as swimming Use.

Product selling point: rich in yayang active spring water, soothes and calms skin. Natural mineral sunshade combined with chemical sunscreen ingredients can completely block UVB and UVA, and is waterproof.

Trial experience: as a spf50 sunscreen, this sunscreen is quite refreshing and moisturized. It won't whiten and rub mud after being applied, and sensitive skin can also be used. It should be noted that the design of its bottle mouth is a little big. If it is opened vertically, there will be some emulsion seeping out when opening the bottle cap.

Product selling point: 100% mineral protection, protect sensitive skin. The use of e3p mixture to enhance the protection against pollution.

Trial experience: very small shell, easy to carry. The powder lotus root is light and thin. It only needs a simple Concealer without painting the foundation. It should be noted that do not wipe with the neck, otherwise the neck will become a little red. If you don't need color matching, you can choose another colorless version.

Product selling point: chemical + physical sunscreen formula, will not block pores. It can prevent water and sweat and regulate oil secretion. It has anti-inflammatory effect.

Try to learn: the quality of this kind of sunscreen is relatively light and smooth, but a little bit of oil and light annoyance on the face, or a pressure on the powder. But as a medicated make-up, it has almost no fragrance and has less stimulation to the skin. Similarly, the design of the bottle mouth is larger, so it is easy to leak when it is placed vertically, so it is recommended to put it horizontally.

Product selling point: oil free formula can keep skin moist for 8 hours in the sun.

Trial experience: the texture is fresh, with rich fruit fragrance. After smearing on the skin, it has obvious moisturizing feeling, and it penetrates quickly. The feeling that the skin presents will have a light crystal, so the skin is prone to oily light may not be suitable.

Product selling point: the highest level of UVA / UVB protection, appeal to create flawless white skin. Instantly brighten the skin color, can be used as the front milk of matte makeup.

Trial experience: it looks like a thick texture, but it's easy to spread it evenly. Different from the pale color of ordinary sunscreen, it presents a silver white color with a little pearl light to brighten the skin color. Moisturizing effect is good, can be combined with foundation, will not rub mud phenomenon. The taste is a little fragrant. The bottle body is designed to pour. It is recommended to tighten the lid and then turn it over every time. Otherwise, the liquid will flow on the lid easily.

Product selling point: physical sunscreen effect, adding moisturizing and skin care ingredients, sunscreen and repair skin at the same time.

Experience: sunscreen can moisturize the skin at the same time. It has a little whitening, but it is not a heavy white cover. After about half a minute, the white will dissolve into the skin and disappear naturally. Because it is not added sunscreen, smearing on the body will also make people feel at ease. Also because there is no reason to add, three months after opening must be used up

Product selling point: both whitening and sunscreen, adding Chinese moisturizing ingredients. Not easy to sweat or sebum secretion and separation, lasting effect, can be used as make-up milk.

Experience: as a spf50 + sunscreen, unexpectedly, the texture is quite light and liquid, with the light alcohol flavor of xuejijing series. The absorption rate is very fast, the skin will be smoother than before, and the effect is very good before the foundation. There will still be a glossy phenomenon. It is recommended to press it with powder. Waterproof effect is good, easy to sweat in the summer is a good choice.

Product selling point: protect skin under strong ultraviolet rays, replenish moisture for skin in dry environment, with cool and delicate water feeling and refreshing use feeling.

Trial experience: the texture of this sunscreen is not moist, but the cream like ice cream turns into small drops of water immediately after being gently applied, which makes it cool and comfortable. Moisturizing effect is good, but no greasy feeling, spf35 index can basically resist the scorching sun.

Product selling point: specially added with biological sunscreen agent Jueming leaf extract, it has a unique UV defense system, can protect cell DNA and promote cell DNA repair.

Trial experience: the bottle is very Q. Sun protection index is very high, but the texture is light, close to liquid, waterproof formula, has the effect of lightening skin color. With a little alcohol smell, the skin feels more refreshing after applying, and it doesn't Tan completely after running down in the sun in an afternoon.

Selling point: 12 hour protection not only protects the surface layer of skin, but also deeply protects DNA. At the same time, it can resist sunburn, blackening and skin photoaging.

Trial experience: flower fragrance, emulsion texture is very moist, very easy to push away, or absorb. Because it's meat pink, it can lighten the skin color.

Product selling point: add pomegranate seed essence, whitening and sunscreen. Thin texture, no need to remove makeup.

Trial experience: This product is light and thin, liquid, and has the effect of isolation at the same time of sun protection. Purple color can modify dark yellow skin. It is small and portable, and it is a high price choice.

Product selling points: the new patented formula UV & shy; protec has strong sunscreen effect, and its protection range is upgraded to 12 kinds of harmful light sources, such as sunlight, solar lamp, incandescent lamp and laser.

Trial experience: this sunscreen is nearly water-like, easy to apply evenly. After smear on the skin, I feel more moist, but in the end, I will use the powder to cover one layer, otherwise it will be a bit oily. Although I can smell the strong chemical fragrance, it doesn't cause allergy to my sensitive skin. Sometimes there is a slight rub mud phenomenon, but generally speaking, it is a safe and light sunscreen.

Product selling point: adopt anti drying design, strong anti sweat, anti sebum, essence liquid ingredients added, suitable for dry skin daily use.

Try to learn: because it is aimed at dry skin, texture is thick and close to cream, but it does not feel greasy on the face, but it can feel the obvious moisturizing effect. It has a high degree of integration with foundation, and basically has no trouble of rubbing mud. It is recommended to use for mature muscle and dry skin.

Product selling point: adopt osmotic control technology, make maintenance ingredients reach the core of skin directly, replenish water and moisturize, moisten the sun and dry, and effectively isolate UVA, UVB and city pollution, and protect against sunscreen.

Trial experience: the mouth of the bottle is designed with a sharp mouth, which is convenient to use and can control the dosage well. The texture is thin and clear. It is easy to push away and has good ductility. Apply on the face will not feel greasy, but also won't dry, more moisturizing, there is a bit of skin lightening effect.

Product selling point: adhering to the water thin series is always clear, and more than 3 moisturizing ingredients, MPC water retention factor, carrot essence and arginine, improve water retention, moisturize the skin after sun.

Trial experience: more like a moisturizing lotion, completely without sunscreen white greasy feeling, no fragrance design even smeared the whole body is not the least discomfort. Ultra light texture, absorption is very fast, can not help but let people worry about whether the effect will disappear quickly, but at least this kind of light can bring comfortable body feeling, there is no usual on the sun cream on the body of the kind of brush wall strange feeling.