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Good use of isolation cream how to fight three

Beauty tips: isolation cream is to provide a clean and mild environment for the skin and form a front line of defense against external invasion. Before makeup, it is applied to better protect the skin. The cream also has an isolation effect on ultraviolet radiation, and its essence is sunscreen. The cream with the function of emblemming and concealment can completely replace BB cream. Let's see how the cream of good use is three!

Do not know where to start, BB cream began to be popular in the make-up skin care industry, many MM have a BB cream, even without it can not go out, but BB cream is so full of face, Concealer bottoming and skin care at the same time? In fact, the cream introduced by the major brands has a certain sun protection and more skin friendly, with the foundation can create more light and thin. Make up.

Clinique daily light penetrating sunscreen isolating cream

Make up feeling of real people

Editor's comment: this sunscreen and isolation cream is very good. After a whole day's use, the skin is in good condition, and there is no oil in the T-shaped part. It is highly recommended for office workers who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Texture is very easy to push away, although it looks dark, but painted on the face basic colorless, retouching effect is general! Not much oil, refreshing effect is very good. Slightly dissolved in water, it has more waterproof and sweat resistant functions. From the evaluation results, the covering effect is obvious, with fine pores and covering defects. The absorption of UVA of Clinique daily light penetration sunscreen isolation cream is 0.747, and the absorption of UVB is 1.654, which is effective and mild.

Keyan's whitening double effect refreshing isolation milk

Make up feeling of real people

Editor's comment: this isolation milk is white plastic soft shell packaging, the outer packing looks simple and generous; exports are very small, extrusion, easy to control dosage, white emulsion texture, good ductility; after 3 hours of smear, UVB absorbance value is maintained at a very high level, indicating excellent protective effect, and can keep the sun stable for a long time. This shows that the SPF30+ PA+++ of the isolation milk is awesome enough for the summer, and the white hands are bright and bright after the use of the hand, and the pores are blocked. The effect of brightening the skin is very obvious. After severe water and oil injection tests, it is concluded that this kind of isolating milk has a long persistence, and a little on the surface of the water oil mixture. Moreover, the effect of replenishing water and locking water is excellent.