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7 sunscreen tips to get rid of sunburn

Beauty tips: in hot summer, what you fear most is sunburn and sunburn, so the most important thing for skin care in summer is sun protection. Many sunscreen methods are not very effective, and they will still get sunburn and sunburn. Xiaobian introduces 7 sunscreen tips to help you get rid of sunburn and successfully whiten your skin.

1. Be sure to use sunscreen!

If we do not do a good job in sun protection, then other maintenance work is in vain. Sunlight's ultraviolet rays are responsible for skin aging, including wrinkles, looseness, lack of elasticity, uneven skin texture and uneven skin tone. Use a full band sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays every day.

Remember to apply sunscreen at any time

Sunscreens don't have the effect of staying in place all day long; in fact, sunlight weakens and neutralizes the sunscreen. Please apply sunscreen to your face and body every two hours (such as outdoor activities at the seaside) to four hours (general working environment).

2. Supplement antioxidants

Antioxidants can neutralize environmental pollutants, ultraviolet rays and harmful free radicals produced by skin metabolism. Kiehl & quo; s is a highly effective and refreshing UV protection milk, SPF 50 PA + + + formula contains antioxidants (vitamin E), which can provide more skin protection. In addition, it is recommended that every day use the essence of high efficiency antioxidant ingredients, and use the sunscreen products to rub the essence (whether the sunscreen contains antioxidants or not). And I really love super berry berry essence, which contains 10% high concentration of Brazil berry extract.

3. Choose cleaning products carefully

Choose cleaning products with mild exfoliation or antioxidant ingredients. Because the cleaning products with antioxidant ingredients can wash away the old and waste horniness, start the skin repair procedure, and make the skin ready to absorb other maintenance products.

4. Replenish the skin and body with moisture

Make sure you get plenty of water every day and reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. Drinking a lot of boiled water can help the human body eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation, so that the skin presents a clean and healthy luster.

5. Sleep well at night

Sleep at night is a great opportunity for the skin to heal and repair the damage caused by environmental stressors. When the body is rested, the skin will begin to regenerate and remove the toxins accumulated during the day. Make sure you get a good sleep every day!

6. Moisturizing, moisturizing and re Moisturizing

Skin is the guardian of human body against external invasion, which can protect us from the damage of environmental factors, regulate body temperature and maintain internal and external balance. Dry skin can damage the most superficial skin, causing sensitivity, itching and uneven skin texture.

7. Adjust your mood and release the pressure

The degree of stress the human body bears is closely related to the health of the skin. Stress can cause skin pox, eczema and xerosis to worsen, as well as poor skin condition. Good management of their own stress level, you can have a bright and healthy skin.