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Recommend several excellent sunscreens to make your vacation easy

Beauty tips: summer is a good time for tourism and vacation. Skating on the seashore is attractive everywhere, but you should also pay attention to sun protection. Those who are planning to go to outing are searching for what kind of sunscreen they want to buy to avoid sunburn and sunburn. Those who have been back recommend which sunscreen they have used most effectively; A lot of vacations and so on!

Zhicunxiu Jiaoyang refreshing sunscreen spf50 / PA + + + / ppd16 390rmb / 30ml

The new Shaka Shaka formula brings super waterproof ability. Water and light texture, durable light penetration protection, to eliminate sticky feeling.

Chanel whitening protective isolation emulsion SPF50/PA+++ RMB580/30ml

Light and breathable lotion texture protects skin from pollution and ultraviolet.

Yayang refreshing Sunscreen SPF 50 + RMB 258 / 100ml

Rich in yayang active spring water, it can relieve and calm skin. Vitamin E precursor can effectively resist free radicals and prevent photoaging. Suitable for mixed to oily skin, light texture, non greasy, with high sun protection index, waterproof and sweat proof formula.

SK-II only whitening crystal anti acne sunscreen essence RMB650 /30g

Spf50's high SPF can meet the needs of sun protection during vacation. The damage of ultraviolet rays and external environment to skin will be isolated. From isolation, sunscreen to perfect make-up in one step, compact and easy to carry.

Lanzhi enjoy holiday long-term sunscreen spf50 PA + + + rmb195 / 70ml

Suitable for outdoor activities, vacation essential sun care products. Waterproof and sweat resistant, it can resist the damage of high-intensity ultraviolet rays for a long time, and prevent inflammation, erythema and other skin problems.