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Sun protection knowledge

The sun in summer is so toxic that if you don't arm yourself with sunscreen knowledge, your skin may be damaged. The result of being injured by ultraviolet light is wrinkles, brown spots, dead and yellow skin color, and even skin cancer.

Here are the most important sun protection tips. If you want to have healthy, youthful and beautiful skin, you must know. Remember, skin care without sun protection, everything will be floating clouds.

Sun protection notice

1. Even in overcast days, the radiation of sunlight still exists, which will damage the skin as well.

2. Sitting in the shadow or wearing a hat can only protect part of the sun radiation.

3. There is no safe tanning method, whether it's a sunbath or a machine that mimics the sun, it contains ultraviolet light.

4. UV UVB can burn your skin.

5. UVA is the invisible killer in the sun. You can't feel it, but it's the main cause of skin cancer, wrinkles, and decreased immunity (UVA can penetrate transparent glass without an anti UV coating).