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What harm does tanning skin have? Tanning is not healthy

What harm does tanned skin have? Tanning is not healthy! Over the years, many people have pursued wheat skin, which symbolizes health. Some people use makeup or sunlight to create wheat skin. But some experts pointed out that 'tanned skin is not necessarily healthy'. Look at the harm of tanned skin!

Japanese skin expert Ms. Suzuki zhiko pointed out that now people have a lot of misunderstandings about sunbathing. Incorrect sunbathing will only sunburn the skin, resulting in various diseases. She pointed out that sunlight does have a bactericidal effect because ultraviolet rays can destroy cells. However, ultraviolet rays can also kill the bacteria that play a protective role on the skin surface, which destroys the protective layer of the human body, reduces immunity and is prone to diseases such as heat and cold.

Although wheat skin is really attractive for men, you can't rely on the sun to achieve your goal at will. The number of cells damaged by ultraviolet rays increases, which is easy to cause various skin diseases and even skin cancer. Therefore, men should be careful not to expose themselves to the sun for a long time.

Remember not to hurt your body in pursuit of beauty. Tanned skin looks attractive, but it's not a healthy way.