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Super detailed maintenance method of Pelargonium (12 months)

There are a lot of maintenance methods for Geranium all year round on the Internet, but I don't think it's detailed enough, so I sorted out more detailed, more humanized and accurate maintenance methods for Geranium every month. Now my mother doesn't have to worry that I won't raise Geranium any more! What are you waiting for? Let's go down with Xiaobian!

Super detailed maintenance method for geranium (12 months) maintenance method for Geranium 12 months a year January: put it in a sunny place to prevent damage. When the weather is fine, watering should be carried out at noon. Avoid using snow water or cold water.

February: apply thin liquid fertilizer once every two weeks, increase the amount of watering appropriately, and pay attention to ventilation in good days.

March: cutting propagation can be carried out in combination with pruning. The cuttings should be selected from the mother plant with frequent flowering, pure varieties and good growth, and the annual robust branches should be cut. Each spike is 4-6cm long and has 2-3 nodes. The last leaf should be cut off and put in a cool place for one day. After the incision is dry, the cuttings can be inserted.

Select the sandy land with high and dry terrain and smooth drainage, turn it deeply and rake it to make a seedbed, then mix 60% yellow mud and 40% rice husk ash and spread it on the seedbed for cutting.

Geranium cutting in March

April: continue cutting propagation. Because the seed is not big, the covering soil should not be too deep. After sowing, the seed can germinate at 20-25 ℃ for about 2 weeks. After rooting, the cuttings should be put into the pot in time. The culture soil should be a mixture of humus soil, rice husk ash and garden soil, and some compound fertilizers such as bone meal, phosphorus and potassium should be added. April to June is the full flowering period, and thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once a week. It can be moved to outdoor culture in late ten days. When the height of the seedling is 12-15 cm, it is pinched to promote the formation of lateral branches.

May: cut off the residual flowers in time after the flowers wither. It is appropriate to cut 3-4cm away from the first leaf at the lower end of the flower stalk, so as to reduce the nutrient consumption and promote the growth of new flowers. Do a good job in fertilization, watering and pest control. 40-50 days after flowering, the seeds should be harvested in time, dried and stored.

June: with the end of flowering period, short pruning should be carried out to make the plant short, strong, complete and beautiful. One week after pruning, no watering and fertilization should be carried out to make the scissor dry and shrink, so as to avoid water wet and rot. At the end of the day, the plants enter into semi dormant state, and should be cultivated in the shade, controlled watering and stopped fertilization.

Geranium cut in June

July: it is mainly watered in the morning, supplemented in the evening, and when it is dry. Drain water in time after rain and avoid ponding in basin.

August: cutting propagation in autumn is feasible. Pelargonium grows rapidly. Every year, it needs to be turned over, replaced with new soil, and cut again, leaving about 10 cm at the base. Some longer fibrous roots should also be pruned properly, and the redundant sprouts on the upper part should also be stripped properly.

September: continue cutting. It grows rapidly. Apply thin liquid fertilizer once every 10 days. Do not splash the leaves when applying fertilizer.

Geranium cutting in September

October: it begins to bloom until June of the next year. Pay attention to the place away from the wind and the sun to prevent the invasion of cold air. Move to the greenhouse in late ten days, pay attention to ventilation.

November: ensure sufficient sunshine, control watering, timely fertilization, strengthen ventilation, control diseases and insect pests.

December: the room temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃, do not dry, do not water, remove the residual flowers and dead leaves in time.