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Breeding methods and precautions of Mantianxing: it likes warm, humid and sunny environment

The stars in the sky are like stars, hazy and charming, but also like trees covered with snow. They are beautiful and lovely. They are suitable for flower bed, roadside and hedge planting, and also very suitable for potted plants and bonsai production. So how does the star breed? What good method is there in breeding? What matters should we pay attention to when breeding stars all over the sky? Please read down with me with your questions!

Breeding method of purple star (basic knowledge): the best breeding time: Star sowing time: autumn to early spring.

The best growing soil: it is suitable to grow in sunny environment and loose, fertile and well drained slightly alkaline sandy loam. The soil is required to be loose, rich in organic matter, moderate water content and pH7.

Growth humidity requirements: if the star is in the growth period of flowers, it is best to put it in the sun and has a good ventilation place for maintenance, and to keep the basin soil moist at any time.

The optimum growth temperature is 10-25 ℃.

The best growth light: the star like warm and humid and sunny environment, more resistant to shade, cold, avoid high temperature and humidity.

Precautions for breeding Mantianxing: fertilizer application: in the growing season of Mantianxing, we can apply fertilizer to the phosphate rich tomato diluted with water every two weeks or so.

Watering points:

(1) If the star is in the period of flowering, then it needs more water.

(2) It is necessary to keep enough water and fertilizer for him after picking his heart, especially in the hot and humid summer season. Whether the water control is proper or not is often the most important factor that determines the success of cultivation of Mantianxing.

Pruning tips:

(1) In autumn, the whole plant should be pruned to keep good shape.

(2) The growth of the star is very strong, where the leaves can be cut off at will, and new branches and leaves will grow soon. The more you cut off, the fuller the new leaves will grow.

Replacement of basin soil: every spring, the fresh and fertile soil is added to the basin of Mantianxing. During the growth period, the basin soil is kept moist, and fertilization is applied once every two weeks to promote more branches and leaves and bloom.

Breeding points:

(1) Sowing: the sowing date of stars. From autumn to early spring. Suitable temperature for growth: 10-25 ℃. Flowering period: May to July. Seedling: choose loose soil as bed, sow in September, cover with fine soil, germinate in about 10 days, and move to cold bed to overwinter before winter. Cultivation: in the spring of the next year, the seedlings were transplanted to the open field with soil, and the hearts of the seedlings were pinched once after they were planted and survived, so as to make them more branched. When the plant height is more than 20 cm, the amount of irrigation should be reduced, and a little drought can promote flowering. It blooms in the middle and late May. It can also be directly sown in the open field before freezing in November or sown in early spring.

(2) Cutting propagation: in spring, hardwood cutting was carried out. The mature branches of the previous year were cut 10-15cm long and inserted into the sand bed. Generally, they took root in about 30 days. In Meiyu season, softwood cutting can be used. Select the top softwood cutting of the current year and take root 2-3 weeks after cutting. It should be noted that the control of temperature and humidity must be verified. Generally speaking, the relative humidity should be kept above 95%, and the temperature should be controlled above 15 ℃.

Pest control:

(1) It can be sprayed with 65% mancozeb WP 600 times.

(2) Aphids and red spiders are harmful to the insects. Spray 40% Omethoate EC 1000 times. Aphids can also be diluted with essential balm or sprayed with neutral detergent.

(3) Snails can be sprayed in the basin soil with miecocholin granules.

(4) The root rot should be prevented from water accumulation in the basin soil, and the root should be irrigated with green milk copper EC or genfuling 800 times solution.

The experience of culturing Mantianxing is as follows: 1. It likes warm, humid and sunny environment, is more resistant to shade and cold, and grows best in well drained, fertile and loose loam. The best soil for cultivation is calcareous loam with slight alkalinity, and good drainage and sunshine are needed. The height of the plant has been more than 20 cm, the amount of irrigation should be reduced, and a little drought can promote flowering, especially the poor drainage or long-term rain after flowering, and the root is perishable. It likes to be warm and avoid high temperature and humidity. The suitable temperature for growth is 10-25 ℃.

2. Tissue culture. The results showed that shoot tip culture had high propagation coefficient, good root growth and good seedling quality. Cut flowers produced by tissue culture seedlings have straight branches, pure color and high quality.