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Flower show is the most "desirable" flower sea in the world. Every flower sea is breathtaking

Some people say that in the background of artificial scenery and business, there is a single love between people and flowers that you and I don't want.

It's sad to say that. Every Florist must be able to feel that although the flowers are silent, every flowering, every blooming, is in return for the florist's love and dedication. So, whether it is a garden, a flower lane, or a sea of flowers, when these colorful flowers occupy your eyes, happiness is still full. Sometimes, even want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, live in the gentle countryside of flowers.

A flower, from spring to summer, full of colorful, trance, as if back to the past.

Garden Festival in Huaxiang

Flower season in Cordoba, Spain: April June

Cordoba, Spain, not only has the world cultural heritage "mosque" Cathedral, but also has a sultry spring.

In spring and summer, the whole small town of Cordoba becomes a flower show, with walls, windows, courtyards There are flower baskets everywhere. Especially famous is a small alley called "Baihua lane". Every May, Cordoba holds a "Garden Festival". Most of the courtyards in the old city are open to visitors to share their gardening works, and the "most beautiful courtyards" will be selected.

"Baihua lane", which is less than 200 meters, is the most concentrated place of open courtyards in Cordoba. It seems that all the flowers and grasses of the world have come here. The courtyards are open from April to June weekends.

Cordoba court Festival, a traditional activity, originated in ancient Rome, has been continuing to this day. The folk houses here are famous for their courtyards. The white walls are hung with colorful flowers, such as geranium, jasmine, carnation, orange and so on.

Sometimes there will be flamenco performances in the courtyard, as well as the chance to taste Cordoba specialty snacks and Montilla morriles wine.

Drunk in Rose Valley

Flowering season in kazanlek, Bulgaria: late April to early June

Speaking of Bulgaria, you must think of roses. At present, most of the most popular rose essential oils and rose truffles are known as "Bulgaria Damascus Rose", because it is the world's largest rose oil producer and exporter.

Late April to June is the season for Bulgarian roses to bloom. At this time, the mountains and alleys are full of gorgeous roses, and the air is full of rich aroma. This is also the best time to pick roses.

Every year on the first Sunday of June, a grand "Rose Valley Rose Festival" is held here. The festival games last for 5 days, and the Rose Queen, rose picking ceremony, song and dance performance, dress parade and other activities will be selected on the Rose Festival.

There are more than 7000 kinds of roses in Rose Valley, but only 4 kinds can be refined. The oil content of pink and white roses is the highest. Refining 1 kg of rose oil requires about 3000 kg of rose petals, and the price is three times that of gold.

If you come here, in the early morning before the sun rises, you will come to the field with the people picking roses. The fragrance of roses will make you suddenly full of strength, as if you have lost the concept of time, no longer cherish the past and no longer fear the future.

Embellish the beauty of the season

Hokkaido, Japan

Flowering season: mid April to early August

In spring and summer, Hokkaido has become a sea of flowers, with colors embellishing the beauty of the season.

In the middle of April every year, the snow in the grassland of Hokkaido desert begins to melt, the plants grow green buds, and the flowers of longevity grass are blooming by the river. Sapporo in May is the season of cherry blossom and lilac blooming.

In June, you can also enjoy the lovely lily of the valley on Riko and Shisheng plateau in Hokkaido. In July, all kinds of flowers and plants in the wild gardens along the coast of the Okhotsk Sea compete to open, including lemon Hemerocallis, orange lilies, pink roses and so on.

The most famous flower sea here is in Futian farm. The lavender fields of Futian farm, known as "Provence of the East", have now evolved into large farms with up to 150 kinds of flowers. The flowering period of lavender is from July to early August.

In the depth of the season, the vision, smell and hearing are dedicated to these flowers, how beautiful!