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Why does hyacinth seed ball itch

Although it's not the planting season of hyacinth yet, many flower friends are still consulting about hyacinth allergy, such as why they are allergic to hyacinth balls or what to do with hyacinth allergy. Today, Xiaobian sorted out some information about hyacinth allergy, hoping to help flower friends.

Why is hyacinth seed ball allergic

Hyacinth seed ball why can allergy, contact hyacinth why can (pruritus) allergy?

Among many bulbous plants, hyacinth is the most likely to cause itchy skin. In fact, itching is not necessarily caused by hyacinth itself. Most of it is because hyacinth has many molds after crossing the sea. The main cause of itchy skin should be these molds. According to the feedback from flower friends, most of the flower friends who itch on their bodies deal with hyacinth by hand, or they just don't do it Appropriate protection, so that mold floating to the body, resulting in itchy skin. But in the later stage maintenance process, there are few flower friends feedback their skin itching.

By the way, hyacinth should not be opened in a hurry after receiving the bulb. It should be unpacked outdoors as far as possible. Moreover, people should put gloves on the air outlet or wrap their hands in plastic bags. Hyacinth should be taken out and soaked in carbendazim solution for more than 10 minutes. Peeling and other operations can also be carried out in carbendazim solution. Then it can be fished out to dry and planted Basically, it won't cause itchy skin. In fact, it is to do a good job in isolation, handle hyacinth and wash hands with soap.

Why is hyacinth seed ball allergic

2、 Hyacinth allergy how to do?

Maybe we shouldn't say it's an allergy. It's hyacinth that causes itching. Let's just say it's hyacinth allergy. Don't be nervous. Take a bath with soap or shower gel (don't use too hot water) and change into new clothes (it's better to have aloe vera cream at home).

However, it is important to point out that due to the different constitutions of people, some flower friends are extremely allergic constitution. Although this proportion is very small (but there have been such cases), if flower friends are in this situation, they should seek medical treatment according to their own constitution.

Finally, hyacinth is a very popular bulbous plant. The so-called hyacinth allergy causes skin itching only at the stage when the bulbous is just received. After treatment with carbendazim, it will basically not cause skin itching, and the flower friends will not have to touch the bulbous. However, the fragrance of hyacinth is still very strong. Whether they are allergic to the fragrance of flowers and pollen is important The flower lovers have lost their physique.