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Is longevity flower poisonous? It is an ideal gift for relatives or friends

The flowering period is more than 4 months, hence the name of longevity flower. It is an ideal potted flower for relatives, friends and elders on New Year's day and Spring Festival. But is the longevity flower poisonous? Let Xiaobian analyze it!

Toxicity analysis of longevonia multiflora L. 1. Whether it is toxic or not: non toxic.

2. Warm tips:

(1) Longevity flower is a kind of beautiful potted plant, its leaves are green, flowers are beautiful and attractive, and it has high ornamental value. In addition, longevity flower mostly blooms in winter, and that season is the season of less flowers, so its placement can make the room more natural, and can play an important role in beautifying the room and pleasing people's body and mind.

(2) Longevity flower is not only beautiful and attractive, it also has a beautiful legend, and the flower language is also auspicious and longevity, as well as auspicious, is the most ideal gift for relatives or friends. Especially before the new year, the purchase of a few pots of longevity flowers to the elderly at home, but also means that the elderly health and longevity, the elderly will be particularly happy.

1. Purification function: longevity flower is a cam plant. Its stomata close in the daytime and open at night to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Therefore, longevity flower has a good function of purifying the air, especially at night.

2. Fengshui function: Shouhua is small, compact, green leaves and dense flowers. It is an ideal potted flower in winter. It can beautify the home and make people live in an elegant environment. It is easy to do things. In this way, the "geomantic omen" of home furnishings and human activities will be well coordinated, and human beings will conform to nature and "harmony between heaven and man", so as to reach the realm of the sum of yin and Yang, the sum of heaven and man, and the sum of body and mind. As a result, for the owner who lives in it, it can be more calm, and spirit, always maintain youth and good physical condition.

3. Ornamental value: the plant shape of longevity flower is compact, the leaves are crystal clear, the flowers are dense and gorgeous, and the ornamental effect is excellent. In addition, the flowering period is in winter and spring, and the flowering period is long and can be controlled. It is a popular excellent indoor potted flower. Winter layout hall, bedroom, spring.

4. Flower language: auspicious, longevity, auspicious.