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Efficacy, function and edible method of lotus seed: don't take it if you have dry stool

We are all familiar with lotus seed, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the dry mature seed of Nymphaeaceae. It can be used not only as medicine but also as food. Lotus seed heart is the green germ in the center of lotus seed. It tastes bitter and has the functions of clearing heat, strengthening essence, calming nerves and strengthening heart. But what are the effects of lotus seeds? What are the functions of lotus seeds? Pro, you must also want to know about it. So let's read on^_^

Ingredients: lotus seeds are rich in calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Each kilogram of lotus seeds contains 81.3 grams of protein, 9.8 grams of fat, 304 mg of sugar, 436 mg of calcium, 1.397 mg of phosphorus and 31.4 mg of iron. It also contains a variety of other vitamins, trace elements, nuciferine, hypericin and other substances.

Taste: sweet, astringent, flat.

Channel: spleen, kidney, heart channel.

Efficacy: Bupi Zhixie, Zhidai, Yishen Shijing, Yangxin Anshen. It is used for diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea, palpitation and insomnia. Function of lotus seed: clearing heart and removing freckles: lotus seed with heart can clear heart fire and remove freckles, but it can't be fried for a long time.

Cancer prevention and anti-cancer: lotus seed is good at tonifying the five internal organs, unblocking the Qi and blood of twelve meridians, making Qi and blood smooth but not rotten. The oxidized palmatine contained in lotus seed has inhibitory effect on nasopharyngeal carcinoma. All these constitute the nutritional and health care function of lotus seed in cancer prevention and anti-cancer.

Strengthening heart and calming mind: alkaloids in lotus seed core have significant heart strengthening effect, while Liensinine has strong anti calcium and anti arrhythmia effect.

Can reduce blood pressure: lotus seed contains non crystalline alkaloid N-9 has the effect of reducing blood pressure.

Nourishing and tonifying deficiency, stopping astringent essence: raffinose in lotus seed is a good tonic for all ages, especially for those who are chronically ill, postpartum or old with body deficiency; Liensinine has the effect of suppressing sexual desire, and it has a good effect of stopping astringent essence for young people who have many dreams, frequent spermatorrhea or slippery sperm.

Precautions for sticky lotus seeds: 1. Food taboo: for those with fullness, distension and dry stool, do not take it.

① In the collection of Materia Medica, it is said that "when you are born, you will swell your stomach. When you eat, you will vomit. \"

② "Compendium": "get Poria cocos, yam, Atractylodes macrocephala, wolfberry good. \"

③ "Preparation of Materia Medica": "do not take it if you have a dry stool. \"

④ According to the diet spectrum of suixiju, malaria, jaundice, chancre, hemorrhoids, qi stagnation and distention, red drowning and constipation, food not moving, and new postpartum should be avoided. \"

2. Food attention: sleeping patients should develop better living habits, such as more walking after dinner, more exercise and so on, which are very helpful for the recovery of sleep. In terms of clinical application, Lianzixin is suitable for people with mild insomnia. If it doesn't work, diazepam can be used appropriately, but taking diazepam for a long time will do great harm to the body.

Lotus pond painting wind lotus seed knowledge expansion: 1

[piyiweisan] 120 g lotus seed meat, 120 g Euryale ferox seed, 120 g lentils, 120 g coix seed, 120 g yam, 120 g Atractylodes macrocephala and 120 g Poria cocos, 15 g ginseng (or 60 g Codonopsis pilosula). Stir fry and grind together. Add appropriate amount of sugar when using. Take 15-30g each time with warm boiled water.

[lotus seed, Lily and Ophiopogon japonicus soup] lotus seed 15g (with heart), Lily 30g and Ophiopogon japonicus 12g. Add water to fry.

[lotus meat cake] 200g lotus seed meat, 200g glutinous rice (or rice), stir fried until fragrant; 100g Poria Cocos (peeled). Grind together into fine powder, sugar appropriate amount, block evenly together, add water to make it mud like, steam, after cold, press flat and cut into pieces. From the three books of scholars. Poria cocos is a kind of medicine for tonifying spleen and promoting dampness. It is eaten with steamed cakes of lotus seed and glutinous rice, especially for tonifying spleen and stomach. For spleen and stomach weakness, diet does not change, loose stools and so on.

[lotus seed porridge] the simplest way to eat: lotus seed porridge. Add 50g lotus seed, 100g japonica rice or glutinous rice into the pot and cook for 40 minutes.

The most common way to eat: sugar lotus seed. Wash and soak 50g lotus seeds to absorb water, add rock sugar and steam in the cage, then return to the pot and stew until thick.

[longan lotus seed porridge] the coolest way to eat: 20 grams of lotus seed, 20 grams of longan, 20 grams of longan meat, 20 grams of Lily and 20 grams of rock sugar. Wash lotus seeds and Lily, put longan meat (core removed) and rock sugar in a large bowl, add appropriate amount of water, steam thoroughly and serve. Store it in the refrigerator and take it as you like.

[jujube lotus seed porridge] the most beautiful way to eat: jujube lotus seed porridge. Lotus seed 30 grams, red jujube 10 nuclear, japonica rice or glutinous rice 60 grams, a total of porridge in the pot, when eating with an appropriate amount of sugar, refreshing and iron.

[lotus seed soup] the safest way to protect fetus: egg yolk lotus seed soup. Wash lotus seeds and add water to boil. Bring to a boil and turn to low heat for about 20 minutes. Add a little rock sugar. Shell the egg and put it into a bowl. Dig out the yolk and put it into lotus seed soup. Boil it for a while. Nourish the heart, remove trouble, calm the mind and strengthen the fetus.

2. Shopping tips:

(1) The first thing to see is the color of the lotus seeds. Bleached lotus seeds are actually very easy to identify. If they look pale at a glance, all the colors are uniform, and they are very beautiful visually, they must be bleached. Because the best lotus seeds without bleaching are dried in the sun or in a dryer, the color of all lotus seeds dried in this way can not be very dazzling white, let alone so uniform. The real natural and excellent lotus seeds, which have not been bleached, are actually a little yellow in color.

(2) The second is the taste of lotus seeds. When you choose lotus seeds, you can try to smell them. The bleached lotus seeds have absolutely no light fragrance of their own. The bleached lotus seeds smell pungent, while the dried lotus seeds have strong fragrance when they are grasped.

(3) Finally, you can listen to the sound of lotus seeds. Many people know that lotus seeds must be very dry before they can be stored for a long time, and if they are very dry, they will have a very clear sound. Some illegal businesses will add a small amount of water to the dried lotus seeds before they sell them. Although this is not obvious on the surface, it is easy to distinguish them by listening to the sound.

3. Tips for soaking lotus seeds: use boiling water to boil the alkali (25g alkali for 500g lotus seeds), soak the lotus seeds in the alkali water for 1-3 minutes, remove the alkali taste by boiling in clean water, poke out the lotus heart from the bottom of the lotus seed with a small bamboo stick, then wash it, then submerge it with water and steam it in a steamer. The skin of lotus seed is as thin as paper, which takes time and effort to peel. Can be solved by the following methods: first wash the lotus seeds, and then immediately put into the boiling water, and add an appropriate amount of alkali, slightly stuffy for a while, pour out the lotus seeds, rub hard, the lotus seed skin will soon fall off.