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What is old pile, small pile and small old pile for Jade Butterfly

I believe that many young people who have just come into contact with the succulent Jade Butterfly don't know what old pile, small pile and small old pile are. In fact, the so-called "pile" is the size or tenderness of the "stem". Now let's talk about the old pile, small pile and small old pile style of Jade Butterfly. What is small pile, small old pile and old pile one, small pile

Jade Butterfly "little pile"

Of course, not all those with stems can be called piles. Only when they reach this minimum standard (stem diameter is not less than 5mm, stem height is not less than 30mm) can they be called "piles", just meeting the standard of "small piles". Most of the new-born or short-lived stems are yellowish green and some are red.

2、 Little old pile

Jade Butterfly "little old pile"

The color of small and old piles is darker, and they are long. As time goes on, it turns to tawny Brown (some are a little bit reddish, as shown in the picture above)

3、 Old pile

Jade Butterfly "old pile"

It takes time for the stem to reach yellowish brown. As time goes on, the surface of the stem is almost the same as that of the bark. The appearance is hard and the color is grayish black. It has been almost four years since we reached this kind of pile. However, the surface activity of this kind of stem has become lower. It takes a long time for us to root when we use this kind of stem for cutting.