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Function of Unicorn palm: purify air, expel poison and fire, and treat stasis pain

Unicorn is one of the most primitive groups of cactus. It has green and beautiful leaves, fleshy stems and leaves, elegant plant shape, because its tree shape is similar to China's ancient legend of Kirin, so it is named Yu Qilin. Yuqilin likes to have enough sunshine, can endure half shade, and will not die of drought, so it is very suitable for domestic potted plants. So what's the function of Unicorn palm? Next, please take a look with Xiaobian.

The best Unicorn palm

The first function of Unicorn palm is to absorb formaldehyde and benzene. Therefore, it is especially suitable for newly decorated houses. A basin of Unicorn palm is placed in the living room, bedroom and balcony, which can absorb formaldehyde and benzene substances harmful to human body, purify the air and protect human health. Breeding Unicorn palms beside computers or desks and chairs can absorb radiation. Unicorn palm is a green plant, which can relax people's eyes and protect their eyesight.

However, it should be noted that the juice of Unicorn palm is toxic and should not be touched by children or pets during indoor breeding, so as to avoid eating by mistake.

Function 2: the juice of Eucheuma hand has the function of insect prevention. Many flower unions take advantage of the toxicity of the unicorn flower and take out its leaves to soak the filtrate. Its body fluid shows white milk. These juices can control aphids, red spiders and other flower pests. It should be noted that these milky juices have irritant effects on human skin. So be careful when using it.

Function 3: Unicorn flower has the effect of removing poison and discharging fire. The stem and flower parts of kylin flower are often used as medicine in the folk. It is cool in nature. It can be used to fight poison and cool blood to stop bleeding.

Action 4: Kirin flower can be used for external application to treat stasis pain. External application of Kirin flower on the wound can treat fracture, sores and other diseases.

The function of Eucheuma hand cultivation methods of Eucheuma hand hydroponics and soil culture:

Water culture of kylin palm: kylin palm is directly cultivated by washing roots of potted plants in soil. There is no close relationship between Eucheuma and aquatic plants, so the principle of pollution-free cultivation must be strictly followed in hydroponics, and new nutrient solution should be regularly replaced to improve dissolved oxygen. In winter, the temperature should not be too low, otherwise the leaves will fall. The concentration of nutrient solution should not be too high, nor too much shade, otherwise it will lead to atavism, and the prismatic fleshy stem of the original species will grow, which will affect the ornamental effect; in serious cases, it will lead to rotten root death.

Eucheuma hand soil culture: cutting method. From April to June, select the robust abnormal stem and cut it with a sharp knife. The wound should be small. Because of the outflow of white milk, the wound can be dipped in plant ash or charcoal powder or sucked dry with paper, and then placed in a dry and cool place for several days. After the wound is slightly dry, it can be inserted into the substrate with a depth of 3-4cm. After insertion, there is no need to water, just spray some water when it is dry. Under the condition of slightly wet and 20-251c, new roots can germinate after about 1 month.

Cultivation experience of Unicorn palm (soil culture): the propagation of Unicorn palm is by cutting, and the cultivation should pay attention to the light preference of Unicorn palm. After coming out of the house in early May, first place it under the shade for 7 to 10 days, and then place it in a sunny place for maintenance. Unicorn palm is more drought tolerant, usually watering to dry rather than wet principle. Excessive watering not only leads to atavism, but also leads to suffocation of roots. Unicorn palms don't like fat very much. The principle of supplying fat is to supply less rather than more, and to supply light rather than thick. Unicorn palms are not hardy. Generally in the first cold before frost, when the future should enter the room.

Pot culture of Eucheuma hand