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Rose should not pick buds: need to pick, as long as the seedlings are removed buds

There has always been a dispute about whether to pick or not... It's the war between the rookie and the old bird. The rookie is not willing to pick the buds for the rose, for fear that the rose will not blossom without the buds. For the old birds, picking the buds is just for the rose to blossom more beautiful. In fact, as long as the method is right, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for the rose plant. This paper lists several kinds of rose picking conditions for the flower friends' reference!

Should roses pick buds? Should roses pick buds

For the flower cultivation experts, picking buds is just for the sake of more and more beautiful flowers in the future. Different picking methods should be adopted according to different situations

1) For single branch flowering, the lateral bud can be removed and only one main bud in the middle can be reserved;

2) For a variety with many flowers, the main buds and over dense small buds should be removed to make the flowering period concentrated and the size of flowers symmetrical;

3) For Mini Rose, the flower buds are not picked to let it grow; for newly planted young plants, all the flower buds are removed at the beginning of spring to promote the development of new branches.

Now let's talk about the picking buds of rose seedlings, because when many flower friends bought the rose seedlings, they soon found that there was a bud. With surprise, there were also some tangles. Whether to cut the bud or not, from the actual situation, even if it was not cut, it was ok, but for the seedlings, they needed to consume nutrients in flowering, which was not conducive to the new branches of the seedlings But the mature way is to cut it off.

Rose seedlings picked buds

Now let's take a look at some of the flower friends' views on rose bud picking

1) Do seedlings need to pick buds?

A: if it needs to be picked, as long as the buds of the seedlings (which have been rooted for less than a year), whether they are tiny moon, abundant flowers, shrubs or vines, they will all be removed. Some flower friends may think that extreme, or that sentence, seedlings long body, do not consume limited nutrients, overdraft its life, to see flowers, after a lot of opportunities. If you don't grow up, you will be pregnant, which doesn't conform to the biological law. Why is it so? My analysis is that the branch cutting is the way of propagation. I really want that expert to tell you whether the rooted rose will bud and blossom in a year.

2) How does picking bud stiff seedling do?

A: when the seedlings get home, they basically bring buds or they don't sprout a few days after changing the pots. At this time, I put them for a few days, wait for the seedlings to slow down, and then pinch them, so as to avoid stiff seedlings as much as possible. If the new seedlings are not slow at home, then you can pinch them. Don't be afraid if they are stiff. Let it be. As long as your medium is OK and the base fertilizer is well buried, let them be stiff. The next flowering period will be fine in three months.

3) How to maintain after pinching buds?

Answer: after pinching buds, drop wax or apply sulfur powder in time, and put it in a place with ventilation and astigmatism or sunshine (not direct in summer) for normal watering and maintenance.

4) When can I see the flowers?

A: half a year after Xiaomiao gets home (half a year after the emergence of seedlings is the standard of general businesses) you can see flowers. In other words, one year after the seedling roots, it can be pregnant.

5) Is bud picking and topping the same thing?

A: No, topping is to cut short the excessively long branches and destroy their top advantage, so as to make the nutrition transmission more comprehensive and the balanced development of branches.

Bud picking is a way to protect seedlings and make nutrition be used on long roots and branches. The purpose of bud picking is to control flowering period and flower type.

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