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Do you still need to arrange flowers on the table? Some people put the flowers in the bowl, eating c

The word "beautiful and delicious",

Where do you think it's from?

beautiful scenery? Beauty? Or flowers?

Mr. Xiaocheng said: all of the above.

Put flowers on the table,

When the flowers are in full bloom, they are beautiful and solemn.

It's as simple as putting a flower on a plate,

It also makes people feel good.

Put a fleshy flower,

Is it also very small and fresh?

Whether it's Chinese food or Western food,

We all love to use flowers and plants to set the plate,

It is said that this is the most common seven kinds of flowers in Western food.


Draw the plants directly on the plate.

Porcelain and pottery,

It is the best carrier of flower pattern.

What about the glass plate?

Recently, xiaochengjun saw a plate,

Here, it's called "changqingpan",

Isn't it beautiful!

Flowers are the most frequently used element in porcelain.

It's no big deal to burn the goose and carve flowers out of the plate,

You see, people have put flowers on their plates.

Inspired by traditional flower patterns,

The studio of German designer Meike harde,

Design a set of "evergreen dish",

Let the specimen live elsewhere.

Flowers and plants in nature,

It's where people draw patterns on plates,

Designers use it in reverse,

The flowers and plants are directly used as patterns.

In this idea,

Designers are no longer satisfied with painting,

It's the introduction of dried flowers,

Real flowers or leaves.

But he always felt that,

These dishes look familiar,

Where have you met?

Isn't the inspiration from the ancient flower paper?

The ancient Chinese could already use dried flowers and plants,

After a complex production process,

Become a flower paper, elegant and fresh.

The same is true of this evergreen dish,

Three dimensional dried flowers are embedded in two pieces of glass,

The fragility of nature is protected at this moment,

So it's called "evergreen.".

The original short life can be eternal on the plate,

The tableware decorated with flowers also has its own style,

Especially suitable for small dim sum.

There are no two identical flowers in the world,

So every "evergreen dish" is unique.

The so-called "one flower, one world".

Can you bring your hand to think about life when you eat?

Promise me.

A kind of