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How to breed potted water lily: it's best to use big mouth basin

There are so many other names for water lilies, and there are so many kinds of them. This kind of flower looks like lotus. It is the king of flowers and has the reputation of sleeping beauty in flowers. So many flower friends also want to raise a pot of water lily at home. What's the breeding method? What should we pay attention to in the breeding process? Let's go and have a look!

How to cultivate potted water lily: Generally speaking, we have two choices: one is to directly use potted water lily, the other is to plant in small pots, we can choose different methods according to different conditions.

For potted water lilies, let's start with how to buy water lilies. Generally, we buy water lilies from rhizomes. Although there are seeds, it is recommended that flower friends buy rhizomes. Because water lilies are divided into rhizomes, which is the main way of reproduction. The seeds of water lilies are not easy to get. Many of them are fake. In addition, planting water lilies is usually carried out around April. For those who plan to plant water lilies in other seasons, it is better Be patient until spring.

Next, the pot, planting water lily is best wide mouth pot, the bigger the pot mouth, the better, because it helps to accept the light, if the pot is relatively small, then you can directly use the pot, if it is the same pot, this situation is best to use the big pot set small pot method to plant, with small pot water lily, and then fixed, so that in the big pot, the advantage is that the water quality is clean, and Easy to change water, fertilization is relatively simple.

How to breed potted water lily

Then we talk about soil. Some flower friends spend a lot of time digging the river mud. In fact, the garden soil is OK. If you put down the yellow soil, you will turn black after a long time. The mud at the bottom should be at least 10 cm or more, and the water depth (the distance between mud and water surface) should be 10-15 cm, even deeper.

Water lily is a fertilizer loving plant, which is very sensitive to the lack of fertilizer. When planting, it is best to give a certain amount of base fertilizer. In the management, if the new leaves of water lily grow smaller and smaller, the flower buds stop growing, and finally rot, it shows that there is a lack of fertilizer, and the sesame paste residue can be put into the bottom of the pot planted with water lily as topdressing.

Finally, the breeding environment, the most important is sunny, only in this way can more flowers bloom, otherwise only the year-round only green leaves, planting balcony must face south, and to the kind of above no shelter, otherwise few flowers. We should also pay attention to air circulation to strengthen the assimilation of water lilies. Xiaobian was first made of pottery pots, with 5-6 water lilies a year. Later, it was changed to the current big water surface, with dozens of water lilies a year. The flowering period is two or three months.

How to breed potted water lily