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Angel's eye breeding method: afraid of heat, afraid of water, like fat

There are many varieties of geranium, among which "angel's eye" is a special one. It belongs to small flower variety and is the most common balcony flower in Europe. It is very foreign and artistic. Why is it called "angel's eye"? Maybe its pattern is more like the shape of eyes. So what's the breeding method of angel's eye? Let's look down together!

Cultivation method of angel's eye cultivation method of angel's eye: Angel's eye is a kind of geranium, which is afraid of heat and water, likes fertilizer, grows in spring and autumn, sleeps in summer, enters the room or greenhouse in winter, and still grows slowly. Angel's eye is a small flower variety of geranium, which belongs to hanging type. The flowerpot does not need to be too large, and the diameter is generally about 10cm.

The flowering period of the angel's eye begins in April and lasts until September. They don't need special care. They like acid soil with pH value of 5.8-6.0. They are more vigorous and compact in cool climate. In addition, the angel's eye does not need to be treated at low temperature to enrich the flowers. But cool weather makes it easier for them to blossom. In addition, they should also enjoy plenty of sunshine before flowering.

Geranium grows new buds at the same time of flowering. If you want to bloom more, you can't do without sunshine, water and fertilizer management

Breeding method of angel's eye

Cutting points of angel's eye: 1. Choose the best cutting season (autumn is the most successful cutting season);

2. To choose the top of the plant twigs for cutting, pruning to 4-5 cm length, you can leave one or two leaves;

3. The cutting medium is peat and perlite, the ratio is one to one, it is OK to add a little perlite, even some people use pure perlite cutting; try to use a small flowerpot, I use a five centimeter pot, use square chopsticks to poke a hole in the middle of the basin, and then put the pruned branches in, and use fingers to compact the surrounding matrix;

4. At last, the roots were irrigated with carbendazim diluent;

5. Put it in a bright place without direct light, and pay attention to that the cutting does not need to be covered with black film on a small day;

6. Dry thoroughly and then water (soaking basin). After 20 days of cutting, the seedlings can be put on Nanyang terrace and gradually bask in the sun;

Note: be sure to wait until the basin is light before watering, toothpick can be used to insert in the soil to test the dry and wet situation of basin soil. Remember, dry roots, wet stems, in order to let the seedlings grow healthily, we must see dry see wet, have a developed root system, the future management is very easy.

The cutting points of angel's eye expand knowledge - the flower language of Geranium: the flower language of geranium is "happiness is by your side". In this world, the real happiness is often the things that you ignore and take for granted. So plant a geranium, always remind yourself to cherish the ordinary happiness in front of you.