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Can alkaline water water water flowers: Yes, but it's worse than weak acid water and neutral water

Is watering better with alkaline water? Or acid water is better? The answer to this question has always been what flower friends want to know. In addition to this question, there are flower friends: can alkaline water water water flowers? Pro, let's read about it!

PH color table to understand alkaline water: for alkaline water watering, we should look at it from different angles, different plants have different needs for pH, and some plants like alkaline water.

Generally speaking, the water quality in southern China is acidic (soft) and that in northern China is alkaline (hard). We won't talk about the specific reasons. For those who are interested, please refer to the information. Most flowers and plants like weak acid soil, especially gardenia is the most sensitive, so many flower friends try to change the pH of water quality.

In the actual flower cultivation process of Huayou, the source of water is mostly tap water. Of course, there are differences between the north and the south of tap water, and the north is alkaline. Here are some online information (not necessarily rigorous, for Huayou reference). The tap water in Beijing is 7.4-7.6, showing weak alkalinity; the tap water in Shijiazhuang, Hebei is 7.8; the tap water in Weihai, Shandong is 7.2; the tap water in Tianjin is 7.8; the tap water in Xingtai, Hebei is 8.2.

Is it OK to water the flowers with alkaline water after fermentation? Actually, it's OK, but it's worse than weak acid water and neutral water, especially for weak acid loving plants.

1. If the alkalinity is not particularly high, below pH 8.0, it can be used to water flowers (except for special plants sensitive to pH).

2. How to change the pH of water, you can collect rainwater to dilute, you can also add a small amount of vinegar to neutralize.

3. What changes will acid loving plants have when they are irrigated with alkaline water for a long time? Gradually yellow and wither.

Note: the above information is aimed at the public flowers and plants. If the flowers and plants of flower friends are particularly precious, they need special treatment. In addition, water the flowers with tap water. If possible, it is recommended to prevent them from drying in open containers for two or three days.