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Why does the leaf of Adiantum wither: it is mostly caused by light, moisture and ventilation

Many flower friends have cultivated Adiantum at home, but one thing is that the leaves of Adiantum don't know why they are dry. Flower friends should actively face this problem, first to understand the environment and the habits of Adiantum, and then to find out why the leaves are dry. Never do not want to do any homework, a skill on the Internet can solve the problem perfectly, because the climate is different all over the country, everyone's habits are different, and the experience of others may not be suitable for you.

Why does the leaf of Adiantum wither? Why does the leaf of Adiantum wither? For the problem of the leaf of Adiantum withering, flower friends should pay attention to the following aspects:

One is the problem of light. Adiantum likes semi shade environment and avoids direct sunlight. Too much and too strong light will cause rapid evaporation of water in the leaves of Adiantum, leading to dry leaves. Generally, it is suitable to put the Adiantum plant in the place where the sunlight can't reach indoor (shady place), but in the growing season, it is also necessary to keep proper sunlight for growth, and sufficient astigmatism is the most suitable.

The second is whether the water is sufficient. Adiantum prefers a warm and humid environment. This includes that the soil planted with Adiantum and the surrounding air are kept relatively high humidity. The main reason why the leaves of Adiantum are dry is often due to insufficient humidity. Daily maintenance should pay attention to watering Adiantum to keep the soil moist, and often spray water on the leaves to improve air humidity.

Although Adiantum likes the environment with high humidity, if it is watered too much, it will also cause water accumulation, which will cause the leaves of Adiantum to dry up. When maintaining Adiantum, we should follow the principle of less watering and more water spraying. In the north where the air is dry, we can consider making a plate under the basin to add water, so as to increase the air humidity.

The third is whether the environment is ventilated. The maintenance environment of some flower friends is carried out in a relatively closed environment, and the air is not circulating, which leads to the morbid condition of plants. The problem of ventilation must be considered in the process of daily maintenance.

Sometimes the dryness of Adiantum leaves is not a problem in one aspect, but a comprehensive problem. According to the experience of flower friends, Adiantum grows best when placed in a ventilated, shady and humid environment. For the dried leaves, you can use scissors to cut them off, because the dried leaves can no longer be green.

Normal Adiantum leaf

The cultivation of Adiantum should pay attention to 1. Adiantum should be planted or changed in spring. The basin soil is often mixed with humus, peat soil, a small amount of river sand and base fertilizer. When changing the basin, do not damage the root system, avoid wind, and keep the basin soil moist and air humidity.

2. In the peak growing season of Adiantum, sufficient water should be poured, and water should be often sprayed around the plant. Don't water the basin soil when it is dry or wet. Apply thin liquid fertilizer 2-3 times a month. Don't sprinkle on the leaves when applying fertilizer, so as not to cause rotten leaves. In winter, water should be reduced, and no fertilizer should be applied. Because Adiantum is calcium loving, appropriate amount of lime, broken eggshell and other calcium containing fertilizers can be added to the basin soil.

3. When dead leaves are found in the process of maintenance, they should be cut off in time to keep the plant fresh and beautiful and facilitate the germination of new leaves. When the foliage is too dense, the old leaves can be appropriately pruned every autumn to maintain beautiful plant shape and good growth momentum.

4. As the leaves of Adiantum grow fast, some old leaves should be cut off regularly in the growing season. When the leaves are too dense, Adiantum not only loses its elegant shape, but also the new leaves growing in its center are easy to die due to lack of light and form hollow.

The breeding of Adiantum the reproduction of Adiantum is usually carried out by ramet and spore reproduction.

1. Ramet propagation:

Generally in spring, the ramets are propagated in combination with changing pots. Take the mother plant out of the pot, separate the plants by hand, remove the old substrate, cut the rhizomes according to the situation, and plant them in the pot respectively to obtain new plants. After watering, keep them in the shade.

2. Sporogenesis:

The whole leaves with sporangia on the back can be covered with plastic bags. When the spores are mature, the leaves can be taken off. The spores can be put into the bags and sown in the prepared shallow flowerpot. After sowing, do not cover with soil, cover with glass, cover with plastic film, and then immerse in shallow water, let the water from the bottom hole infiltration, until the basin surface is wet. After that, keep it moist and germinate in about 30 days. If the seeds are not sown, the spores will scatter after maturity, and the seedlings can sprout as long as the temperature and humidity are appropriate.

Spore propagation of Adiantum