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Flower friends share: I would like to spend my whole life in a big garden with flowers, grass and te

"I'd like to have a gardening dream all my life"

She felt all the beautiful flowers on the terrace. During the past seven years, the baby has grown up. Now she and her children are exploring more of the wonders of gardening!

A cool afternoon with light rain

The children have taken a nap

I quietly went to the terrace alone to the sunshine room

Leaning against the door frame of the sunshine room, looking out

The rain fell on the leaves of the water lily

It quickly converges into water and slants into the pool

The rain fell on the lawn

Don't forget to leave a little bit of crystal for the grass

The raindrops jumped into my hands

One drop, two drops It reminds us that time is ticking

Yes, I've been with this terrace

We have experienced the changes of spring and summer, autumn and winter together for nearly seven years

Together and time

Talking about a romantic love

Thoughts take me back to 2008

I accidentally found clematis, a fascinating vine

I like flowers and plants all of a sudden

I ran up to the roof in a hurry

Stand in the middle of the terrace and look around

A cobblestone path runs through

A triangle fish pond, a set of stone tables and chairs, a wooden swing

There are several camellia and seaweed scattered on the lawn with different heights

I said to the terrace

I'll bring Clematis back to decorate you

The terrace readily accepted the potted Clematis

Later, I was guided by various flower forums

Welcome all kinds of flowers and plants into the terrace

Crazy, I once placed one or two hundred flowerpots on the lawn

Finally one day

The terrace is like a man who eats too much and has indigestion

It's starting to go wrong

A lot of insects go straight from the bottom of the basin into the soil

Under the flowerpot has become the ant gathering place

Transformation is imminent

It's 2010

Another little life is in my body

I want to leave home and keep fit

Can only be reluctant to leave my plants, my terrace

In the early winter of that year, I was just born

Can't wait to embrace the terrace

But the moment of goodbye to the terrace hit me hard

The weeds impolitely occupied all around the terrace

There are many flowerpots in it

I don't know how to advance or retreat: I must take care of the terrace!

It's still raining

I turned to the stone bench in the sunshine room and sat down

The opposite is the flower bed by the low wall in the north

That's where the terrace renovation started

The green brick of flower bed is the old brick of other people's old house

Ask the workers to clean up one by one

The flower bed maker laughed at me

It's too old to use

I laugh

They are big fish and big meat, which are naturally delicious

I have my own flavor of green vegetables and tofu!

Sunshine room is the favorite place to stay in winter

Put a deck chair

On rainy days, the water on the glass on the roof gurgles down

Or in the winter afternoon cover a layer of gauze on the face

Curl up in the couch and take a lazy nap

Time should pass slowly like this

The rain seems to have stopped

I walk out of the sunshine room

Into the wet air

Look at the meat on the wall. It's turning beautiful

The flowerbeds and flowerpots were full of water

The red pottery basin turned dark

The plastic basin was also washed clean by the rain

The bells on the wooden frame on the east side wall are so beautiful

I can't help looking at it

Remember the flower friends to play on the terrace, when the spring flowers are brilliant

Several people yelled as soon as they got to the terrace

Say this beautiful finger, that beautiful one

One of the flower friends said to me seriously

I finally know what makes you stay on the terrace whenever you have time

Who said no

Ever since I fell in love with flowers and plants, just like most flower crabs

Go straight to the terrace whenever you have free time

Even the children said

Go to the roof to find mom. Mom must be playing with mud

Because like, because greedy

There are all kinds of flowers and plants on the terrace

From the beginning of Clematis

To later rose, fleshy, hydrangea

All of them express my infatuation

Now I can not meet the simple planting

Begin to feel at ease

Do all kinds of plant modeling, layout small scene

What my heart calls for is

Gardening, gardening!

Love flowers and plants on the terrace, love gardening

It's like my "Miss Dong" appears in my life

Although I fell in love with a wild horse

But there is no sadness of grassland in my home

But still desperate to say

"Come with me, Miss Dong"

I would like to spend my whole life in a garden dream!

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