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Can potted pineapples bear fruit: Yes, but in different regions

Pineapple, commonly known as pineapple, is one of the famous tropical fruits. In biology, pineapple and pineapple are the same kind of fruit; in the market, pineapple and pineapple are different kinds of fruit: pineapple has "internal thorns" to be removed after peeling; while pineapple has no "internal thorns" after removing the outer skin, so it does not need to draw a ditch. Like to eat pineapple friends plan to plant at home, so asked Xiaobian: potted pineapple can result? Dear, please read down with your questions~

Pineapple can bear fruit in pots, but most of the pineapple plants in the South can bear fruit in winter Just keep out the cold.

The picture below is a pineapple from Huayou in Shanghai. You can see that the pineapple is relatively small.

Shanghai Huayou's potted pineapple

The picture below is a potted pineapple from Huayou, Guangdong. As can be seen from the picture, the pineapple is much bigger.

Potted pineapple potted pineapple potted pineapple a few years after reading question 1, I believe that some of the flower friends have been frustrated, but we still have to talk about this problem. Generally speaking, if the light, temperature, soil and so on are ideal, potted pineapple can bear fruit in one year. If the maintenance environment is poor, it can bear fruit in three years or four years. It needs to be said that Huayou can't ignore the geographical issues. After all, pineapple is a tropical fruit. The picture below shows pineapple raised in northern China for two years, but it hasn't produced any results.

Potted pineapple for two years