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The flowering period of jasmine is July to August

Jasmine blooms in jasmine flowering period. Jasmine flowers are white and fragrant. They bloom continuously from summer to autumn. July to August is the peak flowering period. The flowers are large, fragrant and abundant. It is said that if we strengthen the management of flowering period, we can have three blooming periods a year. If you are interested, you may as well have a try. Early picking: in early June, jasmine blooms early in succession, but this batch of flowers are generally small and few, so they should be picked in time, otherwise excessive nutrient consumption will affect the quality and quantity of flowering, and delay the flowering period, affecting the viewing. The method of picking flowers is to pick the tender branches with flowers and leaves, so as to promote the new branches to sprout again and make the branches and leaves flourish. At this time, light fertilizer and water were applied twice a week, and the basin soil was kept moist.

2. First full bloom: the first full bloom is from late June to early July. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, thin fertilizer and frequent application, fertilize once every two days, apply fully decomposed organic liquid fertilizer, the ratio of fertilizer and water is 1:4, and watering should be sufficient, generally once every two days. Generally, watering should be carried out in the morning, and fertilization should be carried out in the evening. This continued until late July, due to adequate fertilizer and water, can make the flowers bloom large and more.

3. Second full bloom: in the first ten days of August, the second full bloom is formed. At this time, the fertilization should be slightly thicker than before, and it is generally appropriate to use half the fertilizer and half the water. In order to make jasmine Blossom better, calcium superphosphate solution can be sprayed on the leaves. In the last ten days of August, the fertilization should be reduced gradually, once every 6-7 days, and more watering should be done, once every 2 days.

4. Full bloom in three periods: from the first ten days of September to the first ten days of October, the flower in the third period is formed. At this time, fertilization should be stopped, and the amount of watering should be gradually reduced. Because the weather has gradually turned cold, it will affect the formation of flower buds, so the number of these flowers is small. After the flowering ends in the middle of October, just keep the pot soil slightly wet.

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