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Orchid cultivation on Balcony: talking about orchid cultivation on balcony from eight aspects

Balcony flower has become a modern trend, especially for the flower friends of Cymbidium, balcony orchid, is their fun. But many balcony orchid friends are novice, blind orchid may take detours, this article will talk about the balcony orchid those things, hope to help orchid friends~

Balcony orchid balcony orchid: 1, the first selection is the first element.

A lot of Lanyou make mistakes in the first step. The balcony area is very small. There are many kinds of orchids and few fine products. It's a pity that some varieties are lost. Planting is labor-consuming. For example, Cymbidium in Shandong and Jiangsu, Cymbidium in Zhejiang, Cymbidium in Fujian and Guangdong, Cymbidium in Guangxi, Cymbidium in Sichuan and Guizhou, Cymbidium in Yunnan.

Orchids should also follow the crowd. Choosing local popular orchids is conducive to exchange and trade. According to the public's choice, it is actually a wrong choice to go from ordinary orchids to high-quality orchids. We should always focus on high-quality orchids! According to the improvement of the market and appreciation level, timely adjust their own orchid!

Xiaobian thinks from his personal experience: orchid should choose strong seedlings, give up introduced seedlings and Houlong seedlings, and try not to choose grass for gambling and downhill grass. After all, the balcony is limited, and planting and breeding costs time and labor. Of course, some varieties are expected to be planted according to their own situation!

The so-called boutique: the market price and appreciation value of this kind of varieties should be composed of varieties that are not outdated for three to five years. Orchids should be exchanged, mobile and not rigid. The purpose is to promote their own varieties and introduce their favorite varieties.

Orchids on balcony

2. Second, according to the geographical environment to determine the cultivation technology.

Balcony is generally dry, small temperature difference, weak light, poor ventilation, transformation of balcony environment is conducive to orchid planting, is the premise of orchid cultivation, do orchid frame and fan ventilation, do water tray, heating during the day and cooling at night to reach 8 to 10 degrees temperature difference, low humidity during the day and high humidity at night, in order to maintain the healthy growth of orchids, transformation of balcony environment is conducive to orchid growth, one-sided pursuit of natural cultivation It's a morbid way of planting orchids. The healthy growth of leaves and high seedling rate are absolutely superior to natural cultivation. The so-called natural cultivation of some shrinking black spots and stiff buds is actually destroying orchids!

3. About pots.

Tile basin with soft plant material, purple sand basin and plastic basin with granular material, no matter what kind of basin, and do not make the basin wall accept strong light, balcony is different from greenhouse cultivation, the environment is small, so we should frequently water, more ventilation, especially the bottom of the basin is the most important ventilation, do not dry again, after watering to strong ventilation, do not expose to the sun, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter to keep wet.

Orchids on balcony

4. Planting and breeding should be less and better, less is good management, the same variety should choose high-quality planting and breeding!

5. The prevention of Anthracnose and black spot should be based on prevention, and the killing of pests should be based on mechanical killing, such as armyworm board. The application and fertilization should avoid high temperature, and should not be applied during the day.

6. Watering conditions can store water, pouring is poured thoroughly, do not pour half water, pouring must be forced ventilation, do not make the blade tube water!

7. Fertilization is mainly based on basin fertilization and foliar fertilization, no matter what kind of fertilization is only for strong seedlings, small and weak seedlings should not be fertilized.

8, the orchid light to the balcony is easy to cause the sprouting of the orchid seedlings. It is necessary to adjust the pots in a timely manner. When the new shoots are unearthed, the adjustment to the light can promote the growth of the buds.

Orchids on balcony